Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. Gemenai

    Meeh <_<.... no new water pistols....
    And can already see this big zerg of Maniancs locking one continent after another.
    But hey after delaying Hossin so much, i should say...yay?
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  2. GaBeRock

    At max, only 2 conts can be locked, and that would be for a low-popped server. There isn't a point to locking continents after you have two-much better to be on the defensive.
  3. Camycamera

    yes, we always need this gif when a awesome major patch comes in. it's pretty much tradition now.
  4. Nitish Sharma

    Briggs never had any global alerts

    And at nights,the pop is unbalance by a lot,at least for VS,would be better if 50% bonus to xp and resources was at least increased to 75%,I mean,at nights,the pop goes below 200 in total .-.
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  5. lionsta

    No love for air again, all those complains about how most people who play lib from time to time would want at least a ammo buff since the LIB nerf "update" (ffs even tanks have more ammo then dalton) and soe does nothing...
  6. ShortRovnd

    This would be such an easy fix to the problem — buff population bonuses!
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  7. Hypersot

    yep, you just reminded me, except the other issues mentioned it's also the community mentality.... thanks for reminding me
  8. Morti


    I really hope you fixed hossin since I checked it two days ago cause it was still a bit messy in need of some roads. guess we'll see

    AND NC COWBOY HAT WHERE? c'mon t ray step it up :(
  9. Torok

    Estimated downtime? 3 to 8 hours?
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  10. King Feraligatr

    Hmmm, should I temporarily reinstall PS2 onto my computer and temporarily play for a bit just to see the changes? Maybe...... Still doesn't change the fact that this game has failed epically and is overall worse than its predecessor, which I now play way than this more since its F2P release. Still, Hossin ever being released is surprising so good going on that. Still doesn't change how much this game is a failure and will continue to go that way.
  11. bugalug

  12. ZenitHMaster

    Just a few comments
  13. Pikachu

    At least 9 hours.

    Hossin is no fun after they changed the lighting 3 days ago. :( No more green sunlight and nights are ugly bright, have red lighting which clashes with light cyan fog illuminated by the moon.
  14. Sonahit

    Why the faction that owns locked continent can't be deployed on it?
    Or the faction that owns locked continent can?
  15. Moz

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  16. dstock

    The issue with the Duster Thermal Optics:

    The Duster has a full set of ground vehicle optics. It has short range thermals, IRNV, and 1.25-2x zoom, instead of 1.5-3x.

    Thanks for fixing the Thermals (not sure who'd use anything else), but all the other options need love, too.

    That one guy that still pulls Duster Libs.
  17. Mofker

  18. NoVemBer1978

    Flags decals... Nice but where are the Belgium, Spain, Greek flags???
    Why add honduras.. WTF?
  19. PastalavistaBB

    Hmm, Hossin is finally here. So no gameplay for EU today. Probably. Because bugs and whatnot. Well, one can only hope for good things.
  20. Elron

    Doesn't the Hossin's benefit (+25% xp) mean that the continent will be the first one to be locked right after servers get online?