Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. RadarX

    All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Be sure you check out all the Updates notes in the Game Update forum.

    Known Issues:
    • Outfit Recruiting and Decals: We are working on an issue where permissions for setting the recruiting up and selecting a decal can’t be set.
    • Outfit Base Capture: The outfit decal won’t show up on the large faction banners at some bases.
    • Hossin: Some objects can sink below the waterline and will not be able to be destroyed
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  2. Dr.Destro229

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  3. ewokinarmor

    So continent locking and Hossin are finally here? :D
  4. DerekAUS

    The update notes thread title say 06/25 when they should say 06/26 btw.

    Looking forward to playing it! Hopefully Briggs will stop playing Indar for a few days/weeks so it isn't a ghost town.
  5. GaBeRock

    Get Hype!

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  6. Ransurian

    Continental locking and Hossin in the same breath? Tomorrow? Or today, to be technically correct? Is this real life?
  7. AdrianM

    awwwww yusssss
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  8. Ransurian

    Unless I've misread the patch notes, it seems as though players are going to receive a 25% XP bonus for controlling Hossin. That should be enough of an incentive to tear people away from Indar for a while.

    Edited. Guess a 25% XP bonus for merely playing on Hossin was too good to be true, eh? :(
  9. Thagyr


    Time for a possible hilarious buggy mess

    (Still awesome anyway).
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  10. Ransurian

    Let's hope this'll draw in some retired players.
  11. Levtech

    Its the day hossin is added for half the US (at the time of this post), better get some sleep now though I would like to sleep in during the server maintenance.
  12. Jeslis

    They have to win an alert that is hossin specific, or capture 94% territorty, LOCK the continent, and THEN that faction gets +25%xp until 2 other continents are locked (which then causes hossin to unlock)
  13. Jeslis

    Dumb question;
    what happens if there are multiple alerts across 2+ continents? How is that displayed? Both at the bottom of the tab screen or....?
  14. Hypersot

    Problem with some of us retired players is not gameplay issues, it's game being unplayable due to *technical* issues
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  15. DeadliestMoon

    Then upgrade.

    Don't be surprised if it's not the end all, be all fix you were wishing it to be.
  16. Bankrotas

    Oh good, I didn't want to play today anyways...
  17. cruczi


    shameless like bait
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  18. Jenocyber

    Nah mate probably the other two continents will get locked asap and we'll be stuck back at Indar again lol
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  19. GaBeRock

    Alerts are more meaningful, continent capture is more meaningful, a severe reduction of indarside, more incentives and an easier time joining outfits, bugfixes for a major issue (desync). This is also paired with nerfing of the liberator (a bit of an overnerf, but still less frustrating fkr new players) the massive hyptrain that was mergersmash, ongoing tank balance (to make tanks less irritating but more fun), more graphical options, for better individual optimization, the hype eddy that was E3.

    No, it's not the end-all,be-all fix, but it's pretty d*mn close.
  20. GaBeRock

    Alerts will be cycling continents. if only two continents are unlocked, indar has a 50/50 chance of being chosen for an alert (especially important for a low-pop server like yours).