Server Maintenance for Game Update June 19th

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  1. Alyz

    Except that you can stick C4 and sticky Grenades to people. Not sure if the devs want people to carry their ammo packs around...
  2. Fivehole

    Thanks andy_m!

    I poked around and found the centralized HUD setting.

  3. Xebov

    Sure it would need some more work, but i guess it would be possible to limit the stickiness so they can only stick to certain surfaces.
  4. CoRRh

    ....Sorry, what? You guys can climb cliffs and go in any direction in a heartbeat. The tanks are pretty much balanced. If you have a non-certed Vanguard against a non-certed magrider, both players experienced, it's a 50/50 battle. Either could win, there's no telling. The vanguard can take a beating more-or-less and the magrider can run and dodge for days. In all honesty, in the hands of an experienced player, with certs put in to it, the Magrider is king. Place the shots, duck and weave, and that other tank is dead before he has a chance to fire enough times to kill the magrider. I would know. I see people (and even myself) getting **** on by experienced Magrider operators. I can throw up my Vanguard shield and get taken out before I even get 4 shots out (most of which I miss because the Magrider dodges most shots easy). Planetside weapons balancing is some of the best around. You may not like it, but it's all a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Your perfect tank can easily blow up an infantry, but the air can take you out, and the infantry can easily take out the air. Just because you get killed easily doesn't mean your weapons suck. It's because you aren't using em right.
  5. AllSkillorNoThrill

  6. AllSkillorNoThrill

    Agreed i guess, but its kind of the same as a car breaking down out of no where. You're not just gonna sit there and stare at it because the scheduled oil change is still 2,000 miles from needing maintenance. You're gonna be like "wtf is wrong with this p.o.s. car?! Lets get it fixed TODAY now." What im saying is people don't need to read too far into an issue (thats not even really an issue) because its an obvious fact ---> (((Sht Happens))) :eek: We can either stare at it and groan or in our case (the players) we can wait patiently because we know the mechanics are fixing our car ;) they like having food to eat with the paychecks they get xD trust me they are on it.
  7. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    Yesterday i was killed God know how many times because i pressed "f" on my engi, when facing enemy, wich is a reflex i got from plying heavy.

    Is there a way to make separate keys for performing class-specific actions?
  8. Alyz

    I agree on everything you said to the point of "rock-paper-scissors". Yes, it IS about rock-paper-scissors, but infantry can NOT easily take out air. So there is the glitch in the balance.
  9. CoRRh

    WIth this last patch, air is easier to kill now more than ever. You get three rockets in just about any ESF and it's going down. This is where the "Use Your Weapons Right" part comes in. 3 rockets seems like a lot, but ya gotta remember that you will never really have less than a squad of people around you. If you and three buddies brought AA lock-ons, you have yourself a dead ESF. The fastest and easiest way to bring down air is with a group of buddies all firing missiles in to the air. A lib at this point should only take a couple more (and now it'll be even less), and Galaxies take forever to take down either way.

    The Rock-Paper-Scissors is there and has no "glitch". Air can easily destroy a tank with some rocket pods and well placed shots. The tank can blast its' way through a foot zerg and almost destroy the brunt of an invasion. And Infantry can take out an ESF with a well-instructed rocket-squad.

    Again, it may not seem like it, because air on air seems like it would work. Of course it would. What happens when you put two active properties against each other? They cancel each other out. There is also backwards killing like infantry killing tanks and tanks killing air and air killing infantry because that's how the game works. If you can get rid of the enemy in front of you, why not? All I'm saying is that Tanks seem most effective against infantry, infantry against air, and air against tanks. It may seem like it's not working right, but most of the issues people have with this game's balancing is user error. Rocket Launchers aren't there so you can one-shot ESFs out of the air. That's called imbalance. This game and all of its' mechanics and everything about it is based around team play. You can't expect a tank to take a zerg head-on and live. You can't expect an ESF to go over enemy territory and not get 5 different AA guns going after them. You can't expect a foot soldier to 1v1 a tank and live. You throw multiple tanks against a zerg to stop it. You put lots of ESFs in the air so the AA guns have too many targets. You have tons of heavies and such bum rush a tank to kill it.
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  10. Dalt Wisney

    Thanks! I am enjoying this team play and I don't want bored arcade shooter kids around telling me that they can't have fun with this game. Of course they can't - that's the good thing about PS2.
  11. Alyz

    You're mixing things up. The rock-paper-scissors mechanic should work for the same number of people on either side, but it doesn't.
    Just like you said, 1 ESF vs. 3 HA works, but 3 ESF easily beat 3 HA.
    For the same number of people on the ground you need skyguards, but they are very unpopular due to their extreme specialization.
    However, considering the changes regarding turret stabilization and reverse speed it might actually make skyguards OP in their role.
    Considering that the skyguard is a tank and thus should be easily killed by Libs according to you, there's a glitch.
    Due to extreme specialization and costs for skyguards etc. lock-on rockets and actual AA turrets are the only feasible weapons for players up to BR50 against air, which really makes air unbeatable by beginners, while the need to coordinate a strike makes even harder, no matter how good a player is individually at that level.
    A veteran can be beaten by a BR5 by chance or good reflexes when running around by foot. A veteran sitting in his tank also can be beaten by a BR5 with default rockets if the BR5 is clever enough.
    There's no chance a BR5 can beat a veteran if he's sitting in his ESF or Lib circling and carpet-bombing everything that moves.
    Even a fully equipped Max has no chance against an ESF or Lib. Yes, he might drive them away, but only to come back 20 seconds later.
    The latter is still true after the update. I tested it against ESF and Lib myself while defending a sundy. At least KillBill couldn't destroy me as fast as he used to with the Shredder, giving me just enough time to cover behind a rock and 1% HP.
    Just looking at his killboard is interesting. When he was libbing, he got killed multiple times by Scythe Saron Laser Cannon, one time by Skyguard and by another Lib.
  12. Predator01cz

    Love the typical overkill nerfhammer on the lib...

    Nerf Dalton to the ground
    Nerf Zephyr to the ground
    Nerf Shredder to the ground
    +2m on Jokester splash...

    Yeah that'll do it, I bet everybody's gonna love our new weapon now

    Might as well let us equip Canister on our libs to completely jesterize the vehicle
  13. CoRRh

    That's the fun of the game. Battles can be changed by individual skill. And one battle won't just have 3 ESFs and 3 HAs. If a battle is 50/50% there are plenty of other factors that decide the outcome. Is the base defensible? How skilled are the players?

    I don't know what you mean by very unpopular. Any major battle will have multiple skyguards on each side (where usable). Skyguards are very specialized, but completely necessary for the team play. Any good Platoon Lead will order up a few skyguards. Though, I'm not seeing your meaning in your last sentence. Any tank is easily killed by a lib. Skyguards have a low bullet velocity. One that many players have a hard time keeping up with. If you fly your lib high above it and blast it with a belly gun, you'll win. A lightning has very low armor, and can be easily taken out by anything, especially a lib. If you find yourself dying when 1v1ing a skyguard when you're in a lib, that's either user error or you need to upgrade it. A lib is a bomber, and it takes someone really skilled to do low-altitude runs successfully. Bombers are specialized in very high altitude. This is out of range of skyguards.

    A mid to high range certed Skyguard will take you ~1600 certs. That's for the gun itself, armor for the tank, and upgrades for the gun. By time a lot of people hit lvl 50, getting 1600 certs takes maybe a week of support gameplay. A lot of people will have already thrown some money at the game. $10 can get you the Lightning bundle with the skyguard and another cannon. Turrets die easy, and getting the 250 cert lockon for AA is really a temporary solution. All the choices will take some work, but look at how many people have them. If it was specialized and costly to the point of it not being a viable choice for people below BR50, why are there so many? People pick how they play in the game. Some people will be hardcore MAX. Some will fly a lot. Some will be 100% support. Along with people who threw some money to see what the skyguard was like, you will also have the die-hard armor guys that have skyguards.

    But in all honesty, beginners should be focused on support and learning the game. They should be focused on being anti-death. But this situation you're building makes it sound like you're assuming there's only 4 people in a battle. I run full platoons all the time, and the most BR20s and lower I've ever had was 6. I had 6 beginners in a platoon of 48 people. In a 48v48 battle, 12 beginners are not a big deal. Odds are that they aren't high skill, so they are likely average Joes who are learning and being introduced to the game.

    And I could kill a ZAPS lib if I was clever enough. That doesn't change the fundamentals of the game.

    Again, you're making it sound like the battle has one BR5 and a pro lib crew. Most battles consist of at least 24+ people. My entire point is that teamplay is essential, and you're trying to make the point that 3 HAs can't kill 3 ESFs. A fully equipped MAX can't solo an ESF or a Lib because it wasn't designed to. Again, this game is TEAM PLAY. In a battle where taking on an aerial vehicle is a concern, there won't be just a single MAX trying to control the air. In the situation in which you have 3 people at one place (that's your first mistake; don't put 3 people in a base that could easily have an entire faction spawn in) and you have ESFs trying to kill you, take cover. Use logic. Of course the flying death machine that's firing missiles at you will win in a 1v1. I didn't say that you were impervious to their attacks, all I said was that Air is weak against Infantry, Infantry is weak against Tanks, and Tanks are weak against Air. If Air shoots at a soldier, and manages to hit, it's an easy kill. If a tank shoots an Air vehicle (which is pretty much based on pure luck without a skyguard) the air will die quickly. If a soldier sticks 2 sticks of C4 on armor, you can kiss it goodbye. Again, if you are having a problem with a lib, and you're a MAX, find cover. Don't try to shoot it unless you really know what you're doing.

    Sorry, but this is obvious. If that MAX had a chance of killing that lib in most cases, that would also be unbalanced. To reiterate, this game is team-play, blah blah blah. Most libs won't come back around if they have multiple people trying to shoot them down (which is the case in major battles where hiding from the Air isn't necessary).

    TL;DR This game is about playing for everyone's benefit and not just your own. These issues and scenarios you're using are rare situations and don't really apply to the big picture.
  14. PzkpfwAlex

    This is a big ******* lie, its still effective against armored vehicles. And now that they added more magazine size and more damage you can just pull a reaver with this ******** weapon, that was intended to be an AI weapon for ****** ground farmers, to destroy whatthe**** ever you want. Thanks for the big mistake SOE.

    Your next step: BUFF ALL SHOTGUNS!
  15. Ryujin35

    In the time a Reaver takes to kill you with an AH, you could kill it many times over with flak, your main cannon (which you should be able to hit a hovering Reaver with from 50m away), or even a basilisk. Unless you're in a flash, of course. :p
  16. Glyken

    Exactly. The scheduled downtime for the car was 2000 miles away. The actual DT wasn't scheduled in any way, shape, or form that the players were aware of.

    When SOE calls a DT "scheduled" what they mean is that they brought the servers down deliberately, rather than the servers crashing. This is not really "scheduled", and calling it so is incredibly misleading, making players think that they missed announcements and furthering the impression that SOE communication with the players is atrocious.

    Me, I just went outside and did some gardening, so the DT didn't bother me.
  17. Alyz

    You completely and utterly missed any point I tried to make, not sure whether by accident or by intent. I'm not going to repeat myself.
  18. PzkpfwAlex

    That is not the point. Of course you can destroy the reaver with any anti-air weapon IF you have it equipped. It's the amount of damage it does.
  19. ARIES666

    AFTER this update i have POOR LATENCY. Always was about 80-100, now from 150 to 200 and more! WHAT A F***?! Handless kids made this or who? dear devs? maybe higby? Is Planetside 2 still on open beta test or what? Why you guys, who made planetside 2, had to "invent bicycle" when answers are obviously. this game you created and called it planetside 2 is just parody on REAL planetside game. This is so obviously. So many lags, bugs, poor latency and many more things which make this game hard to like it, and the most awful thing is that you guys do not care about making your product better. We don't need new helmets and other sh*t in know what we need, and you need only MONEY MONEY MONEY you greedy toads!!!
  20. randomtree1

    I think that breaking Cont Locking away from the Continental Lattice is a bad idea. They really need eachother to function properly.

    While I like the ideas, i would like to see:

    1: A continent being locked by capturing 100% of the territory. Not just compleating a alert type event. It should be a fight to the very end.
    2: No limit on continent locks. If an empire manages to force the other 2 factions back, they win. This was essentially the "goal" in PS1. To sanc lock both enemy empires. And get some kind of award for doing so.
    speaking of...
    3: Sanctuaries. In order to allow for continents to be locked without limit, we need somewhere for players to go when their "home" continent gets locked out.

    Battle islands will also greatly assist the Locking system. Personally i would wait untill the intercontinental lattice is ready to rock.

    listen to this guy, the version of cont locking u are about to bring us is a joke