Server Maintenance for Game Update June 19th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. colombiano29

    me gusta mucho lo del ingeniero este parche me parece bien ya e jugado y le doy un 10, exelente
  2. Tykune

    Halt, Sony Scum. :cool: YOLO
  3. Carnage

    What the Eff Dude, can they at least give us some fin warning? nope just keep pulling the servers down when my EU friends are playing and piss them off. FFS!
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  4. QRLegion

    But it says at the top of the forum in big red letters.
    Status: 6/20/2014 6:01 PDT - The game is currently down for scheduled patching.

    So while the game is down, the new game is to find where they hid the Schedule ;)
  5. PresidentFreeman

    I liked it when I didn't need a leash for my ammo.
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  6. Arrean

    Man, there was an ingame 15 min eta warning. It's not devs problem if some of you didn't notice it.
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  7. Acceleratio

    • learn to deal with it. I prefer the new system 10000 times over this totaly stupid "deploy" system
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  8. andy_m

    hahaha! fifteen minutes warning is utter ****e mate
  9. colombiano29

    ay bases que que permiten un buen atrincheramiento cuando se es minoría o se esta en desventaja numérica con lo cual se podrían obtener certificados y xp a mi me gusta siempre desplegarme en bases a si por que llega mucho novato enemigo que no sabe mucho del juego y da mucha ventaja
  10. Amit2120

    LOL what fail.
    they should make it either why 10 tons, increasing the normal force acting on it therefore the friction would be increased (assuming the game uses simulated friction), either that or make it sticky, you should be able to stick it to all objects including walls and crates.
  11. Tykune

    Problem with that is people will start sticking them on ceilings under capture points providing ammo to people through the floor

    EDIT: Which oddly enough will supply enemies as well. Go for it XD
  12. Glyken

    I love how this is a SCHEDULED patch maintenance because they gave 15 minutes warning.

    TBH, if you don't give the players 48 hours notice of the downtime it's not scheduled, If you give less than 24h notice, it's EMERGENCY downtime. It's not just SOE that does this, I've noticed it with a couple of other game companies.
  13. PresidentFreeman

    I like the new system now I have used it for a couple hours actually, I just thought the issue pictured there was pretty funny.
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  14. Arrean

    It was just the one i saw when i logged in. I don't know if there was more before or after it.
  15. cobrakhan5

    They just need to have a daily schedule where they bring the servers down for an hour each day ..... this keeps the game operating efficiently and keeps from the extended downtimes........ SOE has never been so great at the whole game performance thing on massive multi online....... but SURELY you can make the necessary changes.... is it really tht difficult to figure out?????? you guys should be fairly intelligent..... but maybe no common sense. but yeah take a **** in one hand and wish in the other.....

    EVE online brings their servers down EVERY day for one hour...... and it runs like a dream....... and they are a WAY older game ..... rarely hear people ***** about client side issues ......and have a huge player base...... LEARN DAMN IT SOE LEARN
  16. Carnage

    No that's not scheduling its a warning. All of us saw the message, the problem is many EU players are only able to play with us around this time. This is two days in a row and the crap part is they fed them by not mentioning today's "scheduled" Bull so no your wrong stop Trolling
  17. Bush82

    update notes went up 11 minutes ago. nice scheduling again SOE.

    are the new bundles that went missing yesterday being put back up?

    i bought station cash to buy them and nothing else to spend it on..feeling ripped off.
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  18. WeaverMSI

    Well, Briggs, which services Asia, comes down between 9pm and 11pm a couple of times a week, including an unscheduled downtime most Fridays. That's primetime, on the busiest night of the week, almost every week. Awesome.
  19. andy_m

    It doesn't matter about in-game warnings. I come to the official forums first to see if anything is planned. This event was not scheduled here.

    By the way, you can now start downloading the latest patch.
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  20. Xebov

    I agree with you, i like it more too, but they should work a bit on the packs. The addition of stickiness like C4 and Sticky Grenades have would completely solve this issue.
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