Server Maintenance for Game Update July 9th

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  1. hugin_q3

    And we had such a good team play the other day also, at least from my perspective :p
  2. killALLilluminati

    guys i dont know if this is a bug or not but i always have to change my keybindings every time i logout and re log in. my friends say that this problem dosnt exist, what do i do?
  3. drstrange2014

    Get better friends. Seriously, if the problem exists for you then it exists. It's that simple. There are bugs at the moment with loadouts not being saved for example that are real and this could be a variant of that. If that's the case, there isn't much you can do. If it's not something that's down to SOE's usual cack handedness though, try validating your files through the launcher (not through Steam) and see if that helps. I would suggest that you post your issue in technical support though and send a ticket, rather than in this thread.
  4. DatVanuMan

    WAHT??? I've been playing this game for a year, and never has it taken two days. Sheesh, SOE.
  5. DatVanuMan

    Anytime, man.
  6. Zorg

    There is no "loadout bug", just buy again the grip/laser that your gun was equipped with (they refunded the certs so you're not spending anything really), and then the loadout will be saved properly.
  7. Pootisman

    Wat. Whats your ingame name?
  8. Lotthar

  9. drstrange2014

    That doesn't work for all. I still have the bug at times even after repurchasing the grip/lazers.
  10. Lotthar

    Also, you know about the rocks and elements floating in the air on Esamir right? (Miller)
  11. ZombieToof

    Loadouts not saving is a result of the change to double purchase Attachments (e.g. Laser Sight/Forward Grip + Advanced Laser Sight /Forward Grip). Those where combined into a single laser sight (or forward grip) that costs 200 certs. But instead of giving the new Attachment to everybody who had one version, they refunded the 100 or 200 certs (depending on if you bought the simple one or both). The loadouts still contain the attachment you once had. But you don't own it until you repurchase it.

    So the game resets you loadout when you login or switch continents. Go to your loadout and repurchase the attachment or change the loadout. A problem with this I heard of is that you cannot deselect the attachment you don't have have, you can only switch to a different one or purchase the attachment.
  12. Rahk

    Anyone else notice that you can only get your saved up passive certs on one char after the patch today? I wonder if that is a bug or intentional?
  13. Longasc

    I got charged twice for two attachments of my TR TORQ Assault Rifle, similar to the issues mentioned in the patch notes for two others guns. I hope I will get the certs back and its fixed when I log in. Or at least next time.
  14. Longasc

    No, I got the certs on all my chars. You should report it, a friend also claimed he got nothing on all but the first char to log in.
  15. hugin_q3

    hgn, hgnq3 and huginq3 ;)

    I added you to my friends list as wonderrake, or.. Is it a guy with the similar nick?

    I'll check tomorrow..
  16. hugin_q3

    EDIT: Checked now... His name was FaceRake, sry about that, thought it was you...
  17. Pootisman

    Ah FaceRake, i have seen him a coulpe times.
  18. BlackPhlanx

    To those that don't seem to understand why they are dying when a cont gets locked: It's automatically flipped to the faction that capped it, hence, you no longer have a spawn there. Thus, death.
  19. DivadMahdits

    And here I thought that it was an unfixed bug when Hossin came out :p
  20. sagolsun