Server Maintenance for Game Update July 9th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. RadarX

    All servers will come down for brief scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (3 PM CET). Be sure you check out all the Hotfix notes in the Game Update forum when they become available.
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  2. ShortRovnd

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  3. NCDaniel

    Thanks for the update, Radar.
  4. Slash Hammer

    Is it a [BUG] or did I just miss the according forum thread: We can continent-lock Hossin now? And it's ok that I die in my ESF just 3 seconds after another faction locked the continent I am flying over ('You are in a restricted area')?
  5. kgg533

    So this will just apply to one-way visible shield doors then?
  6. CowPie

    Will the Liberator dash panel get fixed?
  7. Brian van den Berg

    Apart from the game update, will there be any server performance issues fixed? Even on Woodman i see desyncing problem with flying tanks n ****
  8. GlueHead

    And double xp will be no more, you forgot to mention that. :)
  9. DJStacy

    What about all the bugged outfit application I still have on my outfit management screen, When do you think we will see a hotfix for this pls SOE.

    Be great when we can all get shot of these random applications that I can neither accept or deny, they are just stuck on my screen.
  10. SashsaACIII

    Downtime *1h~30men (2h max) start: 6am PDT *time MSK 17:00PM~18:00 PM
    • New Starter Packs are available for each Infantry Class. Check them out in the Bundle section of the Depot. Or don't, and wonder for the rest of your life what could have been.
    • *pliss cancel Thermal Scopes will no longer allow you to view players behind the spawn room shield.
    • Fixed an issue with black stripes appearing in certain areas of the Hossin maps (main and minimap)
    • NC05 Jackhammer: Rail attachments can no longer be purchased twice.
    • Phobos VX86: Flashlight can no longer be purchased multiple times.
    • norm up-date ^ *fix client PlanetSide 2 *pliss chek .
  11. SashsaACIII

    *double xp ALL ACCESS
  12. KendoPS1

    no bug fixes for loadouts not saving, bugged adv attachments ... ?
  13. randomtree1

    so i play on woodman server and as far as i am considered planetside is has died population is so low even at primetime we can't fill up one cont, and its all the same fights and same people doing the same things. Last night i went on emerald for a couple of hours, 3 conts unlocked almost all the time there while woodman only had 1 25-48 fight. needless to say it felt like PLANETSIDE again, awesome love it, So i am here to ask soe PLEASE MERGE THE EU SERVERS ITO 2 SERVERS it will bring the game back to where it should be and the game i love, untill then i am going to play on emerald (adding to woodmans problem) hopefully something will get done... please
  14. rhan101277

    I like the thermal scope update. It is meant for you not to be able to see in the spawn room with the one way view. Seeing into the spawn room with the thermal scope is an advantage. This levels it out when people spawn camp.
  15. Commander Tychus


  16. Spacelife

    Come on, there's hardly a need for this update.

    I'd rather be playin'
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  17. Plantjen

    Such a useless patch. There's no need to bring the servers down just for this.
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  18. Djosa

    I like the thermal scopes update, because those ******** (me included) who camp like 5m away from the spawn rooms behind rocks will be no more!
  19. Wolfsign

    The one-way visible shields are the worst BS they ever made.
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  20. Alizona

    Don't matter to me, I never had a thermal scope. I just sit with a clear view of the spawn room doors/windows, and I spam the Q key nonstop to identify all of the dummies just wasting their time sitting in the spawn.

    Won't stop me. Unless they've also stopped the Q (spot) key from working thru the doors. It's an important role once you've "flipped" the entire base... what's left to do at that point, while waiting for the timer to count down? The most important thing to my way of thinking is making sure no Infiltrator sneaks out the door... thus I spam Q.