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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DeltaValkyrie, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. DeltaValkyrie



    That's what I know :)
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  2. SmileyBomb


    This is all the mods need to sticky instead of leaving players flapping in the winds worrying about their toons.
  3. ObsidianSoul

    What happened to my toons?!
    *flaps around gently in the breeze*
    What happened?!!
  4. Tamon

    Friday night of a long weekend in the U.S. Hopefully they're not all in their cars heading to the cottage...
  5. ScrapyardBob

    11am? Because here on the east coast it's only 9:40pm.

  6. DeltaValkyrie

    Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Australia)
  7. DeltaValkyrie

    Anyway if you can not load of log in ... this is the reason haha
  8. Aphrodiety

    Ah Delta you are AEST and Scrapyard, like myself is EST (USA) lol
  9. DeltaValkyrie

  10. H4YW1R3

    It's a shame a player has to post this. DB/SOE has players crashing, validating, and searching internet forums for a fix. All it would have taken them is a moment to post about the maintenance at the top of the forums, or at the least, under Announcements.
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  11. SmileyBomb

    Why is Twitter the main source of information anymore? I have a DBZ/SOE forum account; I don't have a twitter account to find out the status of a DBZ game. Just like I wouldn't have a Facebook account to find the status of [insert random off-topic subject to prove point].

    All I'm saying is, if you're going to have your maintenance news posted on twitter it needs to be either mirrored on your game's official forums, or have some sort of obvious streaming mechanic where your comments can be seen by those viewing the forums. The homepage feed is garbage to view and offers more irrelevant posts than otherwise.

    P.S. Bump...
  12. ldglance

    oo getting another patch installed... waiting...
  13. DeltaValkyrie

    I wish they would post a message on the forums about it next time geez xD
  14. KmSubcommander

    Can I pull up my pants now? :D
  15. DeltaValkyrie

    Yes you can!
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