Server Event Nr.01 - 2013-08-11 Woodmann & Miller & C&C

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  1. SirIBON

    Hello Together,

    me thinks is very sad, that is long prepared event could not have taking place in the form it was intended.
    A lot of People standing with me in the Spawn 2-3h before the Game should start.

    But this is near the end of the Story. So i will tell you a bit about the days before. That will the time most of us will remember.
    The Millers member organised a lot, there were Battle Plans, Platoon setup and Army Groups with special ways and alternative Plan.

    The different Outfit were divided in Platoons. Gamers that are in different fractions on Miller want to play together. Some ask to play with theire fraction Enemies, because this was possible to stay side by side.

    Some of the German(-speaking) Outfits asked for being in on Army together and so the Miller Organiser put Vanus Revenge [IVRI] with Rednex [RNX] and [GAR] in one Platoon. In this Army Group 3, Jianji [JNJ] was also.
    The days before we look around Hossin and meet up with the other Guys. Myself played 2 nights together with JNJ, nice people. We had fun walk around Hossin with the nice places. There was no Flamewar. More Fun and Joking on different behavior. We found the same prejudice on both sides, but we Vanu know the truth :)
    Of course we laugh about it.
    Camp Connery 2013-04-14 is gone, but never forgotten.
    TR View:

    We look around and find funny and nice places on Hossin.
    The Tree House, The Venomed/Acid Pool, The Tunnels under the Station, The moveable Bridges and more.

    Sometimes we also meet Enemies. The Biolab and Satelitbases looks as a Meetingpoint if you want to try weapons. For me as Vanu the worst habituation.
    Me has a NC alt on Woodman but i use mainly the Stockguns. These slow hardhiters are not my way in sum. Congrats on your AF-4 Cyclone SMG. So much dmg in a SMG was very nice.
    I have also a TR alt on Cobalt and i like the TAR (Medic Weapon) much.

    For Miller was this again a good base to the community. We set up a giant Army, with alternative plans to support the other servers if they will to few. We go back to the base, so the other Server could take some territory.

    As the Testserver goes Down. We wait, as many others.
    To use the time we go back Miller and do with our Testserver Teammates skirmishes. We lost most of the base defenses, but won the knifefight.
    We hope that the Server comes back and stay together in TS.

    The Alternative, to go on Woodman and to play there was taken by some. There was no Hossin, but we hope for Fun and the whole work for the Setup was allready done. So we try to rescue the Evening.
    On Woodman the most Millerplayers had no Certs. We won some skirmish, but on bigger fights without AMS Sunderer and no Armour, and no Tools it becomes a cheap farming game, for the certed residents.

    The Atmosphere Stays at a good Level. So i think next Time we will again fight for Miller.
    The Communication between the Fractions was very good. I think this was a good start to to something again together. The Plans are ready, the Teams stay, the guns are loaded. So i hope we do it again.

    Thanks to all, that participate in this Event.
    Special thanks to Event Creator Itzhaki, Miller Organiser Ulysses and Luperza for personal & SOE presence and for drying some tears.
    I hope to see you all again at the next Event.
  2. Renko

    The server went back 15 minutes after the crash, and worked very fine.
    You guys have ruined the event, by leaving onto Woodman...
  3. Itzhaki

    Hi Renko.
    We, the organizers of the event, got in touch with SOE devs while running the event. We were told that the Test Serve would crash again, so we decided to postpone the Hossin event and to just have a nice fight on Woodman.

    Again, switching to Woodman was the Event oranizers decision, working together with SOE.
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  4. Mastachief

    Still spouting rubbish.

    Regardless on the server returning it could not handle the load. This was discussed and a decision made. The event will return.
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  5. Nenarch

    well right decision would have been to cancel it or goto a US server what's in different timezone. Much to learn about organising...
  6. Itzhaki

    The event was canceled when the server crashed..
    Moving to Woodman to have some fun was well... to have some fun.
  7. Stigma

    I think all we need to do is plan it a little better. I feared the server would overload, but we never really planned for that contingency.

    What we probably need to do is to set a limit of players for each side to some reasonable number that hopefully SOE can tell us that the testserver will be able to handle all being on hossin. That will also largely resolve the problems we glimpsed during the rehersal-test of the event of the sides being pretty imbalanced in terms of numbers. With more equal numbers of players it should be more enjoyable for all.

    Ideally we can do a very quick stress-test before the real event where everyone who is scheduled to participate in the event logs into the server (or has someone else substitute) so we know that it can handle X amount of players without breaking down.

  8. Mastachief

    Higby mentioned on the command centre last night that the test server has been upgraded.
  9. Dovahkiin

    So when will the event return? Higby mentioned that the Test Server was improved to handle loads, so will not crash again.
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  10. ScrapyardBob

    I'm hoping for a round 2 as well because organized ops are the only way that the Test Server gets a viable population.
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