Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Nvrmor

    @Schrael- I had that same problem, I turned it off then back on and it was stuck again but I waited a few minutes and it went through. Theres also a huge delay when you make a new character on a different server of when you can use him. It was a pain but got it working. Im just hoping they fix this soon. Good work anyway SOE.
  2. ChuckHofski

    LOL Awesome! but NC is still the best.
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  3. Garrett Black

    I can't even log on to my matherson or waterson characters... great. Please fix your problems, this is really starting to get on my nerves
  4. a bored teen


    so I see a lot of people talking about the 96% bug but does it actually show connery as being unavailable (in red text) on the character select screen for anyone besides me? Forums says its up.
  6. eatcow0

    I didnt see any us servers up a moment ago =(
  7. bwsjuggalo

    and you couldn't see the GIANT RED LETTERS saying connery is down for a potential problem?
  8. Shadowkix

  9. ZZYZX

    The forum is apparently not actually connected to the server status - it says "UP" in green. But clearly, it's not up.
  10. ZeroSith

    true story: 3 days ago i was seriously considering becoming a premium member to make my play sessions worth the time. perhaps my money will be better spent elsewhere.
  11. GalXEEEEE

  12. ChuckHofski

    Mine says "Server unavailable", so i guess its not up.
  13. chiensale2005

    Nc Connery. Can't wait to fight back for my freedom!
  14. Schrael

    If you are looking for whether the servers are up or not, start the launchpad and in in the bottom left hand of it, there's a tool icon. click it and go to server. It will show a list of every server that is up and how many people are on. (it says like low, medium, or high.) That's the only way to really see whats up cause the forums say they're all up. (But they aren't.)
  15. ZZYZX

    Oddly enough...I noticed that all other servers besides US Wests were up, so I thought I'd start a new toon on a different server to get some play time in.

    But the "create new character" function is bugged for me, apparently. It won't let me start a new one...

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  16. salembeats

    So, when do the techs get back from lunch break? I haven't looked at the clock, but this is the longest 15 minutes (with a smiley face) that I've ever experienced!
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  17. BobSanders123

  18. Silkensmooth

    SOE needs to hire more people. Ever since they announced layoffs patches have gotten worse and worse. Probably trying to make 5 people do 20 people's work.
  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Connery is still down. We're working on a network fix and as soon as that is resolved we'll bring it up.

    Our log-in servers are being hammered right now, so if you are making a new character or trying to log into the other servers, you may experience the 96% loading screen issue. This is due to a hardware issue. (We bought new hardware, so this will be resolved once it arrives, but for now, we thank you for bearing with us.)
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  20. SpaceTimeSpace

    About time PS2 have hardware update, this is one way to deal with 2,000+ players 8)
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