Server Downtime for PU02 December 17, 2013 9:30 AM PT (6:30 PM CET)

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  1. Kyouki

    Update is starting late?
  2. Bear

    I don't disagree with that at all. I think that any time a major change is made to something, especially something people have invested heavily in, the cert points should be refunded.
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  3. Takoita

    I believe it's happening, mentlegen.
  4. davoll

    The harasser change is not that big. You should of tried it on the test server before today so you have an idea on how it was nerfed. It's nerf compared to the across the board nerf that the ZOE got yet again wouldn't justify a refund as it has as much armor as a tank but with super speed.

    On that I really hope they did fix anti tank mines as the last time I was on the test server to see if they fixed it and they didn't work at all at least vs a harasser.
  5. d_carey Developer

    Please note, downtime start has been delayed for 1-2 hours. Original posting has been updated as well.
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  6. teks

    No one likes getting 1000xp for killing a tank with the wide variety of AV options?

    They all think. "I could have been shooting infantry like every other FPS, but this stupid tank had to come and make me think"
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  7. Lexstock

    You really must be the smartest person in your direct environment yes? Planetside 2 is supposed to be a COMBINED ARMS game, it's supposed to use Infantry, Air and Armored COMBINED, as in WORKING TOGETHER. If you want I can draw a picture for you, you know, if you still don't get it.
    Seriously, people like you.. Go play COD like the rest of them.
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  8. [HH]Mered4

    I do!

    I know that if I am on foot against a vehicle zerg, I am doing something wrong and need to leave the area immediately, grab a tank and some friends, and head to the next base.

    Not whine about vehicles. For goodness sake, it takes a massive amount of skill to stay alive nowadays in a tank or an ESF, much less KILL ANYTHING.

    War is not fun. Real war involves real people dying. We aren't even pretending that it is such. And I think you have it backward.

    Also, why should tanks attack other tanks WHEN YOU ARE THE ONES WHO TAKE THE POINT?! You don't get tank superiority or air superiority just for the sake of either - you attain them to KILL INFANTRY. If you have bad tank drivers on your side, or awful ESF pilots, you lose. Not by default mind you - Infantry has a massive boost in this game against vehicles - but thats how its supposed to happen.

    This game is meant to be played with all facets.....that is, you to be the best player you can be in all situations, you need to be competent at everything. Not just infantry.
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  9. Fox Reinhold

    I would like to point out that PlanetSide 2 is coming to PS4 soon, where it will be competing against multiple FPSes mostly based on infantry play as most console players are accustomed to playing as.

    Also the PS4 control pad is not that suited to Vehicle control...

  10. Fara

    +1, Anything that gets heavily nerfed which costs a large number of certs should be refunded. Be it Anchor mode, Harasser Composite armour / afterburner etc. And not limit it to only a few items like ZoE and Nanoweave.
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  11. teks

    Who broke it?
    You an tell us.

    It was higby wasn't it?
    (we like to blame higby)
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  12. RaTzo


    What other option other than the Rotary does the ESF have against armour?

    My subscription is up in January and if I'm not wrong about this being yet another ESF nerf then I'll just be done with the game. I've been waiting for this patch for months in hopes that the ESF would have some role in the game... what are we supposed to do just stay in the air and kill other ESFs why does any ESF need to be killed? It's not a threat to anything else in the game.
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  13. Lexstock

    I applaud your positive attitude. But we don't need snowmen, we need f*cking metagame. /MerryXmas
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  14. Lexstock

    I drive tanks, but I agree with you. If anything in this game is severely butt****ed over and over, it's the AIR elements. They're even in a worse position than us tanks.
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  15. teks

    I think they were referring to rocketpods.
  16. Strikejk

    Uhm 1-2 hours? According to my clock we are already way past the 2 hour mark :D
    Maybe you should have said 3-5 hours ^^
  17. Dark Pulse

    Found it.
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  18. Lakora

    Hey it's already 3:40pm CET LEARN TO USE TIME CONVERTER!
  19. davoll

    There is a AV MANA nerf so they projectile last 10 seconds and they do 600 damage on infantry as it is a AV and not AI turret. I am wondering if it will still one shot default turrets.
  20. Phazaar

    I'm all for waiting and seeing. I'm certainly going to be logging on tonight to see how things go. It's more about a bit of 'I told you so', and also about pointing out how easy these things are to predict.

    You've highlighted the problem entirely though. Lockons are mostly useful at range, and more than useful enough at said range. What this is is an all-out buff to their short range usefulness, which is simply unwarranted.

    Not to mention that with the disadvantages now inherent in the dedicated lock-ons, combined with barely a difference in lock-on times with the Annihilator, it's very clear we're about to hit AnnilatorSide 3... AnnihilatorSide 2 was boring enough :/