Server Downtime for Patch January 30, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (staggered unlock – hopefully for the last time)

    Patch Notes:
    Known Issues
    • We’ve enhanced logging to detect the membership certification benefit issue. We hope to find it quickly and have an update out soon. For all those missing certs, we’ll be reimbursing and throwing a little something extra on top.
    • Long login times on patch days. We’re close to a couple fixes on this, but don’t have anything quite yet.
    Squad Vehicle Spawning
    • In an effort to encourage squad cohesiveness and increase available spawn options we are adding the ability to spawn in squad owned transport vehicles.
    • Vehicle spawning is limited to Galaxies and Sunderers that are occupied and owned by a squad member.
    • The Sunderer AMS no longer requires an item to be equipped in order to function. Once the certification is purchased, it is always available. This frees up the Utility slot on the Sunderer for other items.
    • Squad Vehicle Spawn Bonus Reward: Vehicle owners receive 10 XP when squadmates spawns in their Sunderer or Galaxy, which matches the current squad spawn beacon XP reward
    • Moved Ally and Enemy filters into a new section called “Heat Maps”
    • Added WDS capture and defend point heat maps to help identify the point-rich regions
    • Refined lattice line art
    • Deploy Kill Bonus: Vehicle owners now receive 50 XP per kill, up from 5 XP, when passengers exit the vehicle and kill enemy players
    • Automated Warpgate rotations are now scheduled. The first one is THIS FRIDAY!
    • We've done a lot of backend work to support WDS, so keep an eye out for another pre-season
    • Squad deploy and instant action timers now trigger independently
    Bug Fixes
    • HUD indicators for ally aircraft will once again only be displayed if they are in line of sight
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused spawn points in contested areas to not display on the deployment map
    • Removed "capture" and "hold" text from shield generator HUD icons
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused loadout tooltips to not display
    • Removed incorrect green hue to some layers of the Reaper helmet to make it consistent with other TR helms.
    • Shield generator HUD icons will read Overload or Destroy again.
    • Kill notifications are now able to display longer names without truncation
    Performance and Tech
    • Reduced VO quality by a notch to improve client memory usage
    • Server performance optimization
    • Client crash fixes
    • Zone crash fixes
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  2. Akashar

    Just, wow! Best patch ever! Keep on you guys! :D
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  3. DocteurVK

    So, I will be able to use both my AMS and my fire suppression on my Sunderer ?

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  4. OldMaster80

    Is the spawn in vehicles allowed regardless the no deploy zone?! What's the cooldown?

    I see a lot of abuses of this coming. Glad to see you pushed this live without reading the test server feedback.
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  5. Elron

    Any chance of Healing Ribbon and Repair Ribbon being fixed?
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  6. Anethual

    Here's to, hopefully, fewer crashes.
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  7. Macinzon

    • Up x 16
  8. Tathar

    lol whats the point in no deploy zones now for sundies
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  9. sicsoo

    • Reduced VO quality by a notch to improve client memory usage
    what's VO?
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  10. Gheeta

    • Client crash fixes
    Let's just pray this finally actually fixes them !
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  11. Zeblasky

    It's Christmas all over again for everyone involved in transportalion.
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  12. Westy543

    Voiceover, probably.
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  13. Prudentia

    10x more deploy kill XP? I know what i'll do with my Galaxy.
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  14. Justicia

    Because squad spawning is limited to a squad, while AMS spawning is free for anyone.
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  15. Amarsir

    I am really not looking forward to Galaxy spawns. Soul-crushing spawnroom pindowns just got worse.

    Seriously, this is probably costing me more certs than the passive miscalc issue has. And you'd think this should be an easy fix, no?
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  16. blampoet

    because it's only your squad that can deploy into it.... and only when someone is inside... and no MAX.
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  17. OldMaster80

    It's screwed, many bases will be even easier to capture. In particular because gate diffuser will be extremely common. Just think how easy it will be to take an amp station without having tontake care of the generators.
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  18. vsae

    any word on vehicle spawn restrictions?
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  19. SaintsGuard

    The servers will be down for 2 days again or what?
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  20. huller

    I dislike the automated rotations to some extent, it takes a little bit away from imersion where you can say home sweet home when you get rotated to a particular wg
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