Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. ddraig

    oh so we'll be able to play it just when star citizen comes out? Harsh, man, harsh.
  2. Doc Jim

    Not only patchday here in PS2, but Apple and Adobe want to update stuff on my PC too? Oh well, I might as well make the most of the downtime.
  3. Alizona

    We should just assume three hours in length since I do believe ALL recent updates have at least started out with a 3-hour ETA.
  4. Burchard

    Just a word on the hornets, they're designed ***-backwards. Let me explain: they're long range missiles that travel slowly and poof before you hit a target at a distance. They look and sound cool, so kudos to that part of the team. They just don't work and I was mad enough they cost 1000 certs... I'm even more pissed that they're useless.

    I've actually been dumb enough to just sit in a hover and launch salvo after salvo of these things. All direct hits and no kills.

    They need, at the very least, a small boost in velocity and more projectile lifetime. What was that? You don't want them used in air-to-air? Give them a minimum distance before they become active warheads.

    We'll see if the changes are a step in the right direction, but the primary design flaws (long range guided missile disappearing before reaching its target) are not addressed in these tweaks.
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  5. stalkish

    Totaly normal during a patch, soe hasnt got around to putting a 'Servers Offline' notice in the launchpad yet.
    EDIT: Just to clarify, your characters will be back once servers are up.
  6. Alizona

    Now that wasn't very nice of you... but I see you are TR so I guess that's to be expected? :p

    Neshrak, your characters will often "disappear" when Sony has taken the servers offline for maintenance. They will return, have no worry.
  7. Norington

    And how long is this downtime supposed to take?
  8. MogCleric=ADK=

    have they decided to fix the in game voice chat? Maybe I just need to hit [Z] and [1] harder?
  9. Alizona

    I never use in-game chat but yesterday I joined a platoon and actually plugged in my mic... it worked perfectly.

    Check your keybindings?
  10. Neshrak

    Ok thank you. Well then wait and see.
  11. SharpeShooter

    WHAT ABOUT ADS + JUMP???????
  12. lyravega

    Oh wow SOE. 4 missiles in the back, and a MBT goes down now?
  13. The Big Cheese

    Maybe this fix will finally fix the frame stuttering and crashing issue I've been having. :(
  14. Strikejk

    A sunderer doesn't have weaker armor in the back, in fact it has overall the same amount of armor.. :)
  15. MajCash

    how much longer will this take for the server to be finished
  16. Snidered

    lol, i came home for lunch to play some planetside... and its down for a upgrade -.- thanks for the warning, a heads up in future would be nice... i could be sat in the pub with a pint right now... damn!
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  17. MajCash

    how much longer will this take -.-
  18. LibertyRevolution

    I think it had to do with us hitting A for when it was an air lock and flying left into a canyon or mountain.
  19. Anthony Veltri

    so do we know how long this maintenance is going to take? when will servers be back up and running?
  20. Ericka

    WHAT!!!? MY character is gone!????? WHY!!!