Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. WarmasterRaptor

    You want an ETA?

    Patching starting today. :cool:
    Ending before 2015. :eek:
  2. non7top

    I hate the new AMP station design because it makes them extremely hard to defend and very easy to capture. I recall alert fights on freyr and most of the time the station just goes from one hands directly to other.
    Well the base design itself is very good, but the mechanics are bad.
  3. Alizona

    I agree. I finally got to Freyer... and that place is now MADDENING.

    I felt like a rat in a maze. Just gawd-awful with blocking walls everywhere. And it took me forever to get from one side of the base to the other.

    Every change has taken the AMP stations in the wrong direction... but that's just my opinion and I know it's not shared by most other players.
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  4. McToast

  5. WarmasterRaptor

    You want an ETA?

    Patching starting today. :cool:
    Ending before 2015. :eek:
  6. Wutaaa

    If by "annoying" you mean they are going to make it so YOU aren't "top dog" in whatever world you live in, I'm all for SOE putting in stuff for us to KILL pretentious players with attitudes that everyone else is a noob. While we're on the subject of projectiles,why helllll is the T2 Striker not gone but VS weapons are constantly nerfed? I want a VS rocket launcher that fires 5 damn rockets. What about the NC tank... they get a damage shield.... wtf? How about they should get fire supression and THAT'S IT. Both NC and TR players move faster than VS. Their vehicles also move ridiculously fast. Then there is ALWAYS some Game Gods forsaken lag out of nowhere. I really am getting SICK and tired of a lot of the people that play this game, demanding they be given things, and usually seeing the most pretentious and self entitled people playing NC or TR. Don't get me wrong, there are ijits playing VS as welll. I also hate multi-faction players. Either play one or the other you traitorous bastard!
  7. Strikejk

    What is the ETA?
  8. FliegerPanzer

    ETA ETA ETA??? ? ? ?? ? ?


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  9. SuecoViacho

    I want an ETA :oops:
  10. Vanrid

    SOE please make the game more faster,... cause i have nvidia gt 640m 2gb with memory 8GB and i7 processor i really wanna set my graphics into ultra settings cause i really like realistic in gaming experience :D XD!!!!!!!!
  11. Neshrak

    But is this normal? My whole character are gone!
  12. ddraig

    I don't care if it takes longer - things go wrong, no big deal. But it would be nice to know if it is 90 minutes (standard) - 3 hours (sometimes) or 6 hours (eek) - I don't care, I'm going to bed. But it would be nice to have an answer for people who ask in-game how long the downtime will be.

    I'm assuming slack, not sneakiness.
  13. Strikejk

    then you got banned for cheating ;)
  14. Arranzu

    I hope we don't get an ETA. It's odd to friggin say, but either they'll miss it by a few mins and people will panic or people will whine and complain that it's too long. Better to keep it a mystery and get it out of people's minds.
  15. Xandax

    Wonder if EU can even play today seeing as how the last many months have gone down.
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  16. C2A.DSM

    ROFL I like my Striker:cool:
  17. Neshrak

    Well probably not. Because then I could not log in anymore. I am indeed very bad, but I prefer to play on higher form to use than any cheats and hacks.
  18. VXMorte

    Congratulations if that is indeed the case :D
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  19. Strikejk

    I really want a ETA on this. It looks kinda big and If it takes like min. 6 hours or more I'll do something difference, If it's only like an hour I'll watch youtube in that time.. Seriously give us an ETA, I don't care if it is not accurate!
  20. alien00785

    Haha when i log in now my characters are gone too. Quite disturbing lol.