Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Pikachu

    Sorry but i found your reaction funny. :D Anyway Im unsure about this. Zurvan is THE amp station of Indar and having a radical change might just serve to break something fun that people have grown accustomed to. I just hope for sure that it will not be done to more than one amp station per continent.
  2. Ganelon

    No, just no. Re-designing Amp stations to be more like Freyr is stupid, it promotes zerging and just denies the diffuser Sundy tactics smaller outfits were using before this ******** change. Might as well refund the Gate shield diffuser cert line and remove it.

    And just to note: the NE and SE towers on Freyr Amp Station are only accessible to the attackers, and not to the defenders.

    Good ******* job SOE, as usual.
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  3. H4YW1R3

    Amp station fights were always one of my favorites. But the Freyr changes ruined that location for me. I always choose to fight elsewhere now.

    It's a horrible layout and makes no sense. It's like the base is built to protect the attackers, which is ridiculous. And it's way too easy to take. A single player can take the base before it's even noticed.

    Now SOE is ruining more of these previously fun and difficult sites.

    I understand that the layout was partially designed to appeal to LA class, but who wants to play LA now? The one thing they have to call their own is the jet pack. All other classes offer much more. Yet this "Assault" class based on a soldier trained to use a jet pack gets the same nerf as all other classes. As if the COF nerf during flight wasn't enough, they can't even ADS any more. You'd think a jetpacking assault class would be a little better than the typical soldier at firing during a jump/flight. LA are for placing beacons now. The other classes have so much more to offer.
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  4. Kulantan

    Listen SOE, acceleration isn't measured in "meters per second". This isn't even the first time that mistake has been in patch notes. If your engine really does use meter per second for acceleration then I can point out the problem with the game physics right now.
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  5. EmmettLBrown

    No fix for the sundy exhaust stacks? They're not supposed to look like they do now, are they????
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  6. Blarg20011

    No kidding. Maybe they measure volume (and ergo density/mass) in square meters.
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  7. Justanormalperson

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! prepare to be "surprise" with you know what....
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  8. Pikachu

    No fix to the issue of losing your vehicle if killed while in the queue. :(
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  9. Crisic

    Nice! Double XP Weekend here we come!!
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  10. shadowkhat

    still no fix for engineer AV turrets? wtf you can limit the phoenix to 300m but not the engineer av turret? tired of being hit from way beyond render range, the damn things have natural stealth they don't show up on radar even when being fired, your usually getting hit by them +500m range so you need pinpoint accuracy to spot them its ridiculous, ANY other game that had one single ability you could kill with zero chance of being killed would be considered an exploit. if hte phoenix can be limited to 300m the engineer av can be too there is no reason an infantry should be attacking ground targets outside of infantry render range. either fix the engineer av turrets or give the phoenix the same range and speed so we can hunt the engineers down from a safe distance
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  11. shadowkhat

    i'm begining to think soe just wants libs and infantry in the game. either that or there isn't enough brains left in the dev pool to fix the problems correctly. they put things in game then couple of weeks later change the game where its obsolete (after they get plenty of SC sales of course)
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  12. Ripshaft

    Looks like a decent enough patch, though I'm a bit confused at the coyote change lol, haven't played much since the patch so cant assess their power, but that seems a mighty dramatic buff =p

    Edit: I did use the hornets though, and damn those are fun, and looks like it'll be getting funner.

    What is this "bug" you speak of?
  13. Plyte

    I was about to say this too.
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  14. ScrapyardBob

    I've stated it a few times elsewhere, but the bad of Freyr outweighs the good.

    The bad:
    • The vehicle bay was gutted as a point of conflict.
    • Elimination of the horiz/vert generators as a driver of conflict over the vehicle bay.
    • Giving attackers a free spawn point in exchange for flipping a capture point -- very gamey mechanics and trivializes spawn logistics.
    • Walls, walls and more walls that you had to be a light-assault to quickly get over or around them. It's the stupidity of the "Esamir Walls" problem applied to an Amp Station. If an infantry player has to run *far* out if their way to get to a point that is 10m away as the crow flies, then the wall needs to be made more infantry porous.

    The good:
    • Adding more capture points to what is a major facility (all tech plants, bio-labs and amp stations should have 5 capture points -- it gives more organic play and spreads out the population across a larger area).
    • Attempts at some different spawn room designs.
    • Making the courtyard more 3-dimensional with the addition of 2nd floor walkways / bridges.
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  15. sL360

    It was funny at first...but now...

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  16. KodanBlack

    Rolling out more of the new Amp Stations = AWESOME!
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  17. Feench

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  18. Armcross

    Instead of nerfing it by reducing range, why not make AV turret render from greater range. I tell you it's not easy(but fulfilling) to work with that thing.
  19. Sparks

    I'm sad if this is the base design we're going for because quite frankly Freyr on live is an abomination, it's a CoD corridor shooter with horrible spawning mechanics all over the place. I really hope you guys don't intend to do these kind of changes to other base types :(.
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  20. Phaze

    Let's just put this in terms we are all familiar with and most use on a daily basis.

    Live Freyr sucks.
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