Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. d_carey Developer

    Updated with downtime:

    Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (for staggered world unlock to minimize load issues)
    • We're aware of issues with members not getting the appropriate amount of bonus certs. We are working on resolving the issue. We have logging for all the instances of lost certs and will be performing a grant once the problem is resolved.
    • Performance: Addressed an issue with particle effects that caused a performance decrease.
    Amp Stations
    • Zurvan has been updated to a Freyr style Amp Station.
    • Dahaka is a hybrid with elements from both the Freyr layout and the stock amp station.
    • Hornet Missiles
    • Outer Blast Radius reduced from 5 meters to 4 meters
    • Inner Blast Radius reduced from 0.5 meters to 0.35 meters.
    • Direct hit damage increased from 1500 to 1800
    • Coyote Missiles
    • RPM increased from 200 to 400.
    • Projectile acceleration increased from 2 meters a second to 10 meters a second.
    Bug Fixes
    • Ground/Air lock-on message no longer looks like a key prompt
    • Fixed collision issues with some rocks on Esamir
    • You should no longer be able to get stuck under the stairs at Scarred Mesa Skydock
    • Fixes to various minor collision and geometry issues
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  2. Blarg20011

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  3. Xebov

    Im guessing you meant January, 23th?
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  4. AccelPrime

    Still no MAX Charge bug fix huh? Well, I guess it's not that important if it's been in the game since launch...

    Now that the new missiles have recieved their first post-release balance patch they may be worth checking out though :)!

    I'm pretty sure you mean the 23rd :p!
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  5. Pikachu

    So thursday is the new wednesday?
  6. Astealoth

    Still no word on what's going on with support ribbons?
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  7. Neurotoxin

    Huge buff for Coyotes...
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  8. AdmiralArcher

    maybe they are going to update at midnight?
  9. sustainedfire

    Im glad Coyotes are receiving a buff. I like to use them in my esf fighter loadout, but getting air kills with them is something of a matter of luck in their released state.

    The Hornets getting a bit of a buff is nice also- they are an extremely high risk loadout choice, as they require a steady and predictable flight path, which leads to a lot of unfruitful missile runs ending in death by lockons/AP rounds/ anything. Though the splash damage reduction seems a frivolous change.
  10. Kirdra

    Server is going down for a patch you say?

    Every Connery player:

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  11. Slavek

    Best part of the update, been waiting for this to get patched.
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  12. Jeslis

    ^ This... sadly.
  13. Gav7x

    Really like the changes to the coyotes and hornets, specially the hornets
  14. Ash87

    Wish spawning on transport vehicles could have made it this week, I'm really looking forward to that one. Still, good patch :)

    It's good to see weapons introduced as weaker and buffed. It makes people happier overall, to see weapons buffed than it does to see them nerfed. +1 SOE.
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  15. Jeralamo

    no enough of a change to hornets they need velocity and range. I think its a terrible idea for a pilot to try to use these MANA turret style. you are such an easy target for a tank shell, other ESF, rockets, Flak, lock-ons, etc... I see most people doing strafing passes with hornets. velocity needs increased because when your strafing the hornets are just barely going faster than your aircraft and you nearly hit the ground by the time to missiles hit their target. you need to increase range because your aircraft is moving too. so the range of the missiles might as well be 100 meters considering your aircraft is moving with the missiles.

    PLEASE give hornets another look. dont always go for the easy fix

    EDIT: WO WTF?! you didnt fix the buff you gave to tomcats/photon pods?!?!?!?
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  16. Ganelon

    God ******* damnit, I ******* hate the ******* Freyr re-design.
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  17. EmperorPenguin5

    Their damage still minimal..
    As long as it doesn't mean they can just spam a line of missiles and have all hit I guess I"m ok for it.
  18. Gheeta

    Nothing about these constant game crashes? Are you even working for a fix?
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  19. EmperorPenguin5

  20. stevodog

    - well finally a reason to use the hornets, consider making their projectile velocity a little higher too :)
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