Server Downtime for Patch February 5, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Downtime ETA: 90 Minutes

    Patch Notes
    Known Issues:
    • We are not performing our cert reimbursement for lost membership bonuses with this update and will definitely be doing it for next week’s update. Unfortunately, we need to postpone this in order to work around our issue with character loading that occurs on patch days.
    • The patch day character load issue should be resolved before next week’s update but shouldn’t happen in this week’s update due to the above workaround.
    • We’re still working on a fix for a server crash that happens occasionally
    • New Sunderer cosmetics available in the Depot
    • Galaxy cosmetics are available in the Depot
    • New Player Studio items released every week!
    • Optimization pass for Liberator and its attachments (texture reduction pass)
    • Optimization pass for Lightning and its attachments
    Vivox Voice Chat Upgrade:
    • Improved audio quality
    • Reduced CPU usage on client
    • Reduced audio latency
    Bug Fixes:
    • Healing and Repairing Service Ribbons should now function again
    • Fixed a client crash that would occur when closing a Twitch stream
    • Fixed an issue that could cause blank member and daily sales
    • Fixed an issue where the Prowler appears to be firing three rounds at range, but is only firing one
    • Fixed M20 Basilisk-F not animating when firing.
    • Fixed an issue with faction colors not showing up on vehicles at long range
    • Fix for overlapping turrets at Freyr
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  2. Morti

    Thank god.

    Also first :D
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  3. Kunavi

    The next Patch I expect will be more potent... ;P Considering...
  4. Hibiki54

    I bet the Sunderer cosmetics are the tire, spoiler and door replacements some of us got jipped out of a couple months back when we bought the grill combos.
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  5. PS2xProphecy

    I wish vehicles had an Extra Damage Ram ability. Mostly an ability for Sunders. Would also like to see Light Assault get that 10% Sprint added opposed to a cert into option.
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  6. LordMondando

    Considering what they are pumping out deliverable iterations every week?
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  7. LucasPiazon

    Looking forward to vivox voice chat improvements
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  8. Justicia

    Are we getting our old intakes back with the ability to replace them or do we have to buy them back as well?
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  9. Villanuk

    What about reducing the distance on the AV Mana Turret.?
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  10. Cromell

    Any chance on getting the ribbons (and thus, the certs) we should have received during the time they were not working? Is it even technically possible?:p
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  11. cyb_

    Take a look at the first point under 'Known Issues'.
  12. Cromell

    That refers to missing passive certs for members, not the ribbons.
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  13. DeeX

    My membership ran out last week, do I get the lost certs once your fix is done?
  14. Camycamera

    not a particularly interesting update, but an update nonetheless.
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  15. cyb_

    Does it? I do not spot the word 'member' anywhere.
  16. Lazaruz

    Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I'm trying to get some game time in before the patch hits. Never know what kind of downtime/problems we can expect this week...

    Sad to see that the cert grant was pushed back another week, again. But I guess better late than never.
    Voice chat could always use improvements as far as reliability goes, so I'm happy to see those changes.
  17. Heretic

    I look forward to it. But i think we all know anyone from the EU isn't going to play tonight, especially if we look at the patching track record. Please prove me wrong.
  18. LunacyStudy

    Thank you for the in-game voice improvements. I was noticing some issues with it making squad-mates sound robotic. It's the most useful recruitment tool in-game.
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  19. LunacyStudy

    Offtopic: Heratic, the GIF in your signature? You can see the guy's shadow running past.

    Gun models are fun.
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  20. Rolfski

    No mention of WDS in this patch?

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