Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Fisk Black

    no more ETA - i think they surrendered ^^
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  2. Pondera

    Please god yes.... I've always wanted to fight in Amerish in a massive zerg on zerg stalemate battle, but there were never enough people! Maybe now I'll be able to grab my precious CERTs and appreciate how pretty this game can be when it's not being a lifeless desert or a frigid Tundra.

    Hey, SOE, how about giving us some more NICE places to fight in rather than god awful hellholes that noone in their right minds would live in, much less should be fighting over?
  3. witchkingfourtwo

    This song just about sums up this thread...

  4. Seededshadow

    Laid some truth down BAM!
  5. CryingIsUnnecessary

  6. GalXEEEEE

    Hey, SOE can i come take a tour of your workplace? I just wanted to see first hand what your doing there... Maybe can help plug that power cord in for ya.
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  7. Commander Tychus

    Well sorry cupcake. Why don't you get a nice cold soda pop or a change.
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  8. Turkeybird

    Im off, its an ICEHOUSE evening for me. 5.5% all night long.
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  9. liamsmithuk

    Scheduling a planetside 2 lan event on a weekly patch day, you crazy...
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  10. AssaultPig

    I'm less irritated by the length of downtime than I am by the terrible scheduling. Three hours, no four, no five! Presumably in 15 minutes or so they'll update the ETA to 2 PM PST.

    especially with the way that these major updates seem to habitually take 6+ hours
  11. Shizzlebitz

    Lmao @ no ETA. That's not gonna shut people up RAAAAGGGEEEE!!!!!!
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  12. Shazam89

    Seriosuly though....with as much as complaining and love for this game you have shown on this forum already...are you really going to quit one of the best PC games of the decade?! thinking not.
  13. Gozzah

    Nah they could just stick to their ETA. SIck and tired of em being so incompetent.
  14. Lavy

    They just removed for how long it'd be down. Lol
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  15. FBVanu

    there server, where your account is on, is not up. No server = no account.. stop trying to log in. Wait until all servers are up. then try again, hold your breath, close your eyes.. and maybe it will be back.
  16. Xxxxzzz

    5 minutes left to full 6 hours.
    Time for next estimation of the downtime...
  17. Fisk Black

    dont patch us and eu at the same time?
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  18. Ephreal

    yeah and wipe out a whole culture because your where greedy.. I don't see the reference to planetside 2 in your comment
  19. salembeats

    They took my suggestion.

    Now I can finally listen to the inner instinct that tells me that I'll have to wait until tomorrow to play.
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  20. Zerobite

    LAN party? - what? - Where?! - dude, thats so old school I actually wanna join :D