Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Commander Tychus

    That's the spirit boy. Go get that beer and take a good ol' swig.
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  2. Pikachu

  3. Shazam89

    Im with you.
  4. Prehistoricman

    They can't wake up! It's barely mid-day in the US!
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  5. TorigomaSET

  6. Ephreal

    I think it rather pointless to complain .. their maintenance have always been in prime time for Europeans since PlanetSide 1 .
    Your still paying money for the game and you are still logging in when they are done so why would they ever change it. Doing it at
    3 pm CET is in the morning where they are. So doing it in the morning for us would mean that they would have to go to work in the middle of the night or delegate the update to someone situated here in Europe.

    If you want to state your unhappiness don't give them money and go play something else.

  7. Zagareth

    OK, I assume that the "Old Character Wipe" failed and now all characters are wiped and the panic level of the devs is slowly but continuously increasing. :eek:

    Maybe we should get panic as well? o_O
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  8. Robertooooo

    Should be after this, those 3 downtimes last week and the constant server crashes. At least i hope we get something good out of this :D
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  9. namd3

    Double XP would be nice, EU customers have suffered alot of issues of late...patching hitting primetime to offen both for weekly patch and hotfixing, login server issues, server crashes, database issues.
  10. Seededshadow

    i get ur point but on the other hand if it was just a long downtime then that would be fine its the fact that when they patch tyhere is major lag, as well as a whole bunch of hot fixs this should not be the case like i said their work is shotty and comp pros have agreed and called them out for it
  11. NicoM

    They just removed the ETA... it sounds bad.
  12. LudwigVonHellsing

  13. Norington

    Instead of making eachother jealous of beers and stuff (I can't have one so shut up :( ) can we not entertain eachother with nice vids or something? I'll start off:

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  14. ExpiredLifetime

    Okay, I never post but I had to finally log in to do so after seeing so much ******** about the servers going down during EU primetime.
    Think for a moment here. Use that thing between your ears to do something OTHER than complain, and think.

    Here is the population tracker.

    The time that patches occur regularly line up with the lowest point in overall population. I hate to break it to you guys, but SOE doesn't care whose primetime gets hit as long as the game is at its lowest overall pop - thus affecting the FEWEST AMOUNT OF PLAYERS - and not just one demographic.
  15. Shazam89

    To all the people being scared about it asking you to select a faction instead of just going straight to your character select screen...this must be the first patch you have encountered.....or you just started a week ago.
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  16. Seededshadow

    remember the last 2xp we got it was cut in half for hot fix lol XD
  17. TenebraLuxx

    LOL @ ETA removed! Oh gawsh, we're up for another turd-speaking-whiner-fest...
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  18. TheIronHide

    Will the servers ever come back? Is planetside gone forever? Is my ,life a lie?
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  19. Stevenmadcap

    But you have to admit with ALL THE DOWNTIME issues that have been going on it's not good enough, If I were a business and my server KEPT going down I would be pee'd off with not only the loss of income BUT Potentionally CUSTOMER'S for a BIG COMPANY LIKE SOE IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH
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  20. Gozzah

    Great SOE, once again you ruined a LAN event.