Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Kazzah

    Servers up but locked - all characters on my account are there, even the low level one I haven't logged in with for maybe a year.
  2. ncDieseL

    Yeah TBH, I want them.
  3. zionsoldier

    LOL I like your thinking.
  4. Amarsir

    This really should be a sticky:

    When servers are down the game will think you don't have any characters. They're still there, you just can't access them with the server down.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    I want to play on Amerish :(

    Oh and for the people raging their characters aren't in game. When servers are down the characters never show up, once they are live again your characters will be there
  6. focart

    what you will sugest? two times pay for maintenance for two different time zones?
  7. wuffar

    it's a service people are paying for, i work for a company that also sell services (financial) and we don't do code releases during the week at all, when the markets are open.

    ie: when people want to specifically use the service.

    of course you're not the one having this issue so you wouldn't be understanding would you.
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  8. Bruiserdog

    I know right New Amerish really want to play.

    But I am really hoping this time this bug is fixed:

    Client Crash Fix <-----
  9. Desspa

    ForumSide2 much fun, indeed
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  10. Seededshadow

    the reason we r "cring" is cuz this work is shotting and can be prevented, even it and computer professionals from eu and us all have said that this is really bad work and coding. so you sir should shush (angry finger pointed at you)
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  11. mblades

    HE spammer? if thats what you think but seriously I'm sure everyone knew lattice was coming to amerish or did everyone just get surprised learning it via patch notes?

    I like the lattice since it directs big fights easy and it is easier to see said front-lines as opposed to hex which wasnt always easy to tell. I understand lattice isnt perfect but since they werent gonna do improved hex system might as well try and improve lattice instead of wishing for a dead system back
  12. PS2xProphecy

    Great Update; you have my endless applause. However, when will we see the Transport Liberator Implementation? Allowing players to choose between a Gunner Liberator or 6 Man Transport. The update would make a major difference in the gameplay; we could really use a change, since we still haven't gotten Hossin as promised updates ago.

  13. Hessian4Hire

    Yeah maybe I should be glued to the forums the whole time instead of doing other bad.
  14. Zagareth

    Of course!
    You need an exact copy of the Live server environment with an exact copy of all files and database accesses on an either internal or online server and a prepatch upload test to ensure that your upload on the live server doesn't fail.

    If you don't have that, then you won't be able to avoid upload and patch failure.
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  15. Fisk Black

    and server are back to maintenance state: good job!
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  16. Goretzu

    People aren't complaining about the game, they are complaining about EU Prime Time being wiped out 1 to 2 times a week at the moment by patches and maintance.
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  17. Jachim

    Ah if only I could be compensated for the time spent reading and replying on the forums because I'm not taking advantage of my Heroic Boost during those times. Or when I'm working... or sleeping. How dare SOE take time away when I'm not logged in!
  18. zionsoldier

    Great sequel to FAQ: The Revealing
  19. Seededshadow

    to all of you who dont understand why we r "crying" this man/woman is throwing some truth down BAM!
  20. LanceHavenbay

    Terrible to say, but I am waiting patiently to see new Amerish. I am THAT excited to see the new base designs. It is almost 10, over here in Germany - and I have pt at 5am, but... well. At least my priorities are right. Hahahah