Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. God12

    And are you doing that?
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  2. AtsumaDragoon

    Thanks Demetrios
  3. Pikachu

    I wonder how long it will take when they add Hossin, 36h perhaps. :rolleyes:
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  4. VakarisJ

    "using namespace std;" is useless in that program. It's not optimized!
  5. Goretzu

    Yeah, servers must be on their way back up.
  6. wuffar

    they did all that weeks and months ago, they also tested and qa'd it

    they are not currently revamping amerish and noticing models that need reworking and stuff and touching up little bits here and there

    likely, something has gone very wrong with the release, as usual, which means they may need more competent technical staff or release managers
  7. Ixidron

    They don't need to come at 2am, they can start the update at 12 pm there, which is 9 pm here, about the end of european primetime, then alternate, one time european primetime, one time american primetime.
  8. TheOldFart

    I was able to actually call the game up just a minute ago. Very scary because my character is gone. I exited the game in hopes that this is an anomaly. I have far too much time and money invested in this game to lose the only character I ever play. And I play a lot!
  9. TestyVenom

    Good update, just waiting on servers to come up so we can play!
  10. Sjakie

    downtime went from an ETA of 3 to an ETA of 6. I know it's just an estimate, but boy, whomever made that guess should not run maintenance planning since i have seen this happen before.
    Some feedback would be nice upon these kind of issues, SOE.

    And yes, EU prime-time patching needs to go!
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  11. Zerobite

    Personally I'm a software engineer, with experience on software projects spanning from simple 3D visualization software applications to some 99.99999% uptime systems at CERN - and totally supports your point here!
    With the current kind of project management and keep-the-customers-in-the-loop mentality that SOE is showing ATM, they wouldn't last a day developing 'real' commercial software..

    Truely Planetside 2 is a really great game, almost worth paying for (I am, but not for long anymore) - but these bloody patches, the should-really-have-been-cought bugs, the obvious glitches, and the never ending updates really spoils the whole experience!!

    set rant 0;

    Where did the planetside 2 character class introduction videos a'la Team Fortress 2's "Meet the..." on youtube go?! ;)
  12. P149U3

    I'm not the one crying about the game
  13. HlllBllly

    can't we have just ONE continent w/o the lattice? i mean really, SOE. have some variety. besides, alerts on non lattice continents are way more strategic and fun than lattice zerg fights.
  14. mblades

    No keep lattice if you dont like dont play.
  15. Serafine

    Considering that the NC on Ceres has a constant 50+% population on Amerish while zerging pretty hard it will get a lot of crappier from now on, since you cannot evade the roflstompzergs anymore.
  16. ergie

    Omg im scared now
  17. Pikachu

    Hm I didn't notice that they are adding a Frayr on Amerish too already. Expect threads of hate tomorrow since Sungrey is the most active of the amp stations.
  18. Gozzah

    I dont care if they are testing a rocket so we can fly to the moon backwards, i pay for this game ergo i expect the game to work..

    But it's fp2 game you''re not forced to pay some will say.. Well then SOE should remove the membership option and the microtransactions for weps. So tired of the constant downtime in EU prime. I understand they need to patch, update etc the game, but then make ETA 24 hours so people dont sit around and wait for the game to be online again.
  19. God12

    No, you're just crying about people crying, on the same forum.
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  20. Shazam89

    You guys act as if your life revolves around a video game....I'd really like to play it too right now but all this hate on SOE for what? My internet gets shut off today for over a week until I move into a new place and get internet back up again and I'm not crying about SOE being slow. I'm sure they are working on it as quickly as possible. How would you like it if someone showed up at your work and started ******** about how slow you were and how much they wanted you to be done already? I mean come on, I'm sure most of you are 18+, lets start acting your age and grow up a little. I'm sure this isn't the last day the game will be operating. If anything, I'm sure it'll be ready for you to play tomorrow.
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