Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Lude86

    As a paying customer I am glad that you take your time and work out the bugs instead of releasing a buggy version and telling the customers and free players to deal with it.

    +1 for the hard effort, SOE :)

    I'd rather support a game that keeps on improving itself than put money into a pay2win game that is online 24/7 and which will still be as dull after two years as it was on the first day when I discovered it.
    And please ignore all those impatient kiddies. I'm sure that a few hours not playing this game will actually be positive for them :D (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    Oh and by the way: Yes I am living in Germany and the maintenance is during my "primetime". So what?
  2. Catapill

    I agree if the updates were monthly then I would have no complaints *couch* Lattice system *couch*
  3. Fisk Black

    You will hardly get new paying customers in eu with a maintenance from 3pm to 6pm every week..
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  4. Zagareth

    Downtime went from 3 hours over 5 hours now to 6 hours
    Can I get 1/7th of my money back as member, because you screw up every prime time gaming on the EU servers on patch days every week?

    WTF are you doing SOE? Do you cobble the patch together directly on the server? I know **** happens, but almost every week?
    Usually you get a complete working set of files, upload it on a server and it works... because you tried it earlier, either on a test server or on an internal server.

    Really, I love it when a company makes an effort to please the community with game updates every week, because it shows that you care for your game, BUT you really should work on your upload and verification procedure, and not only for the game itself.

    If I wouldn't be a member, I wouldn't even care.... but - with all respect - as a paying customer I expect a little more professionality
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  5. Seededshadow

    this is the norm Downtime: eta 3 hrs+ downtime 1+ day and week of hotfix +more down time
  6. Goretzu

    Actually it has averaged 2 whole lost Prime Time per week in the last couple of weeks for EU players.

    Which is effectively 2 whole days for a lot of people.

    It's ridculous to hit the Prime Time of about 40% of their market every single week twice. :mad: (doing patches 3-4 hours earlier would avoid this)
  7. Dr.Destro229

    SOE I hope you bring the servers back up soon. I need to take my rage out on the TR and VS over the US women's hockey team throwing the damn gold metal match!:mad::mad::mad:
  8. dawg

    I hope they fix where you have the cross hairs right on someones chest and you miss. Plus where you're standing behind a spawn room shield. Yet get killed
  9. Trennik

    It just sucks that this is my main day for playing Planetside 2... :mad:
  10. HotFudgeCakes

    They could've just said 12 hrs....
  11. Firesss

    You wrote all this out as if anyone cares about you or what you have to say. Mind blowing...
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  12. Joshbvt3

    This is disgusting. LEARN TO ETA.
  13. Shizzlebitz

    Ha HAAAAA I posted the new downtime first!! Can I have a job?
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  14. Bazon

    Game is still in BETA ffs - BETA for PS4 nubs.

    Why do we bother paying for this pile of crap?
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  15. JDangerously

    The game is pretty outstanding. I'd imagine patches and updates are a huge effort, and no matter when they implement them, they're going to make someone unhappy. Be patient.
  16. TheOldFart

    Yeah I know. When they say purging old characters I hope like hell they're not talking about me!:p
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  17. VPRZR0

    Either that, or he's an SOE employee in disguise...
  18. CapperDeluxe

    And on July 4th we have a holiday and you work. So what, different countries have different public holidays. Merry christmahannakuwanzika and stuff.
  19. Pondera

    Hear hear! And besides, if you're upset about this game, you can just go play one of those OTHER planetside clones.

    Oh wait....

    Look, it's an entire continental update people. It's has new bases, new concepts, and computer programming methods that we cannot even come close to understanding. No other game can do what Planetside does. There's not even movies that can come close to what a single outfit does on a daily basis. So learn some patience. Especially you guys in the UK. Don't you CONSTANTLY accuse Americans of feeling like they are the center of the world?

    So really, SOE. Take your time and make sure everything is right. There's no pressure. We can handle the wait for new Amerish. :)

    *keeps this thread tabbed and goes off to take care of school work I've been neglecting*
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  20. Ixidron

    Oh, come on, this isn't serious, why don't they just alternate updating times? 1 day they eat US primetime, the other EU, don't just cram all updates in EU primitime, there are now about 3 patches a week plus maintenance on tuesdays, and the EU population keeps accumulating rage.