Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Chipay

    So, with the introduction of weekly updates and weekly 5h+ downtime for EU players, i took the time to calculate what EU players are losing in terms of money with their memberships.

    Monthly subscription: €12.99 -3days = -€1.62 (19.44/year)
    3 Months subscription: €35.97 -12days =-€4.59 (18.36/year)
    6 Months subscription: €59.94 -24days = -€7.61 (15.22/year)
    12 Months subscription: €95.88 -48 days=-€13.61
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  2. Aricknaa

    Yes, just delete everything but The Crown so everyone can zerg in the same spot, and the faction with the most numbers wins. Who wants to play a strategy game anyways. Sneaking around your enemies and forcing them to spread out and have a 1:1 ratio fight. Thats cowardly! Don't make me LOL at such a notion... Multiple styles of game play for those that want to zerg and those who don't PFFT... WHY! There is only one style and its ZERG ZERG ZERG! I don't want to think or ever look at my map. One zone, where everyone is. Thats the dumb down game play I want. Please, more discouragement for lower pop factions to quit or change factions till there is only The ONE!! That's the future for PS2 I want.
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  3. Robertooooo

    1 day + hotfixes. And then repeat the same thing 1 week later.
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  4. VakarisJ

    Please elaborate -- how are the deadlines realistic, if you have to extend them to a double of what they originally were?
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  5. LanceHavenbay

    This is s service and they are doing lots of coding and other goodies for you. They are not just shipping you a box with some cheap kicks in it.
  6. Seededshadow

    ok so all of us vet players knew this was going to happen and we expect this to carry over to tomorrow or the next day, what ever u guys are not going to change (bad move on ur part, but ur choice) can u at least make the game work before u bring the game back up. we would not be as pissed with these downtimes if the patches worked and didnt require 2-6 days of more patches to make the first one work? please (puppy dog eyes) the servers r going to be down most of today and dont try to hind that FACT with ur fancy eta's that r never even with in the ball park. Just take your time make sure there isnt any excessive lag or bugs new or old that it messed with then bring it live. Cuz as a player base i dont think we can handle much more of these massive down times, just to log in and report a bunch of things that r broken to get even more massive down times and then rinse and repeat. to the point of membership worked out to $2.o00 u8s dollars a day i feel members shoult get prorated amount of sc for downlimes that are longer then 4 hours. none members should get the time refunded in the form of 2xp for the hours of down time (only if the down time goes past 4 hrs, ie if u have a patch planed ur eta is 3 hrs and downtime goes for 8 none menbers would get 8hr 2xp boost and members will get 800 sc but if the down does not exceed 4hrs then no compensation is need.
  7. PlatinEdition

    So many buttons.... xD
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  8. GrandBoo

    I'm a very new subscriber so I don't know the norm. But is the way it is on this game, downtime 3 hours no wait 4 hours no wait we sorry 5 hours. I understand maintenance but if this is the norm Im going to have to make a decision soon
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  9. CapperDeluxe

    Usually only 1-2 hours, once a week or less. I think this one is so big because Amerish is getting a HUGE makeover.
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  10. Catapill

    Well balls to that.
    No lattice free continent will make sure that the highest population team wins almost always and my computer can hardly handle 46+ battles and I'm not the only one. The lattice system makes sure that everyone knows what place is going to be attacked next and limits the games open world feel as you cant go anywhere else to say a 1-12 or 12-24 battle because there isn't one unless you play at the dead of night I know the purpose of the lattice system and I personally don't think its worth it
    And I'm EU so I get to wait longer yey.
    Too me you done goofed.
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  11. PlatinEdition

    Game Error G99


    We've encountered a problem. Please try again later
  12. Regicide

    Smooth. (Again)
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  13. Ealhdun

    I estimated 8 hours, still 2 hours to go.
  14. Seededshadow

    no he has a point and justifing this bad service only helps continue. im not syaing coding is easy or that it can be done fast and 100% bug free, what i am saying is that it can be done better, more effiently, and with less bugs then what soe is putting out.
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  15. rockNoob

    I am sick of waiting 6 hours every Thursday to play the damn game. If you devs are so incompetent to update the game in the hours you are supposed to, just postpone the update for some other time. I am sick of every week crappy updates, make them monthly or such.
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  16. Gaould

    Yet again Sony couldn't give a Flying **** about the European players. yet another downtime during peak playing time in Europe; and their estimations on server downtimes leaves a bit to be desired too.
    why not just say Europe your screwed; leave it for a day or two and we may have your servers running.. the US comes first

    Sony's always quick to take the money from us premium account players though.
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  17. LOBOX

    how much days of 100% exp? till monday?
  18. Goretzu

    So now it's sailing straight through EU Prime Time as is now completely usual on 1-3 days out of every week. :mad:
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  19. JackD

    Glad that i canceled my supscription. Might get one again when they manage to let players play.
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  20. TheOldFart

    I plan to play and test this thing with high hopes. I don't claim to be an expert. I just want to have fun and not be overwhelmed by population imbalances. Let's give it a go....... as soon as the server comes up:rolleyes:
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