Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. PhenexofTamriel

    Why does the Downtime ALWAYS needs longer than they said before :eek:
  2. Corporate Thug

    That is something completely different. You think that the class lacks an objective, which is sort of true. Only sort of because there are no real objectives for any class. I too would prefer a game where things like hacking and other things not directly related to combat were meaningful, so that the brute force of the zerg wasn't always so decisive but so far, we've only gotten promises. To be fair, I too was looking forward to the infiltrator update. I wanted more meaningful gameplay but we only got more spam and exploitable options. I think the Amerish revamp will help pretty much all forms of combat. More places where infantry can decide the battle rather than tanks, and more areas where vehicles will be effective towards sieging bases and not be rocket spammed by the infantry fighting inside the complexes or underground.

    It is only the second year. I know, that means a whole year has passed and still the same boring gameplay, but also a whole year of improvements that add up to a bigger picture, IF you're an optimist :p
  3. Frostbitten

    I play games for more than 20 years and I've never seen something like this in terms of downtime and issues. Thing is, their ETA's are never nearly correct and most of the time - double than estimated. And that annoys people. Plus, never-ending login and server issues which add more "tension factor" for most of the people.

    And when/if you pay for it (and I do), you have the every right to complain because they have jobs because of our money. Some of them (considering cars pictures on Twitter) probably a lot better paid than most of us can dream of. Never forget that.

    Now waiting for RadarX's "eradicator hammer" for removing this because of some violation. But you can't blame the man, he probably must read a lot of crap every day which he isn't directly responsible for.
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  4. TantalusX

    Overrun for the second time this evening. Man, I can't see myself trying any other SOE games after this.
    No communication at all as to the delays, all you do is let it overrun 45 minutes, then say 'Oops! +2 hours to the timer'.
    Classic poor treatment of EU customers. Cant see Everquest doing well when your customer relations are this bad.
  5. Filip Suciu

    LOL@new patch after new patch.
  6. Ransurian

    Still waiting for a usable Vulcan / Marauder, more effective Harassers, and a decent ESRL.
  7. Stevenmadcap

    Yep i agree on this comment definetly seriously thinking of cancelling mine now as wel it's just not good enough SOEl
  8. Pikachu

    I like the yellow dog. :)
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  9. Aloysyus

    Better than fisrt going online, back off and then submitting the patch. It's a huge update, sometimes you need to fix things after and they are actually doing it.
  10. OldMaster80

    Time distortion. I bet it's caused by Vanu experiments! :eek:
  11. Firesss

    Good Riddance, nobody cares, and no one will miss you.
  12. ncDieseL

    2 EU servers have been crashing periodically during peak time. 1 has crashed nearly every day this week.
  13. Kazzah

    It's like I'm watching a live stream!
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  14. ghettoNC

    I suppose that the second WDS week is finished for the players European
  15. wankelgnome

    because, they do it based on pst time, here its almost 11:30 AM
  16. Boomotang

    Never forget that? I will never consider it. Being jealous won't get you very far.

    Sure you CAN complain. Doesn't mean you SHOULD. But that's how impatient people choose to spend their time. Complaining...
  17. eylir

    Isn't testing part of the dev process ? I'm a new player but for the 2 updates that occurs since I start playing, both seems to went wrong with unexpected bug. I saw a test server section on the board but never saw how to connect to it with the client. Maybe I say something stupid but is the test server really used and used enough ? Maybe offering cert point that could be spent on normal server for those who take the time to test could help to lower the risk of those bug ?
  18. Stevenmadcap

    Why do you think that? If people can't play the game, Then there's no point in HAVING A MEMBERSHIP !!! and it's not just an extra hour it's THE EXTRA HOURS
  19. MarkedOne

    hmm interesting thought here, somebody said at this current weekly downtime that always overshoots its estimate downtime by several hours , downtime per year ends up being 52 days.... got me thinking..... from a pure monetary standpoint :
    if ur an average gamer or someone with a fulltime work schedule u can only really give 4hrs+ to gaming per day and u have this weekly maintenance that sometimes goes well into 5hrs then ur basically missing that day of gameplay. now lets say u pay 15$/mnth as a sbuscriber... that should equate to 2$ / day to play the game with all those benefits. 2$ x 52= 104$ of ur money gone because they didnt wanna hire a few more staff.
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  20. MajiinBuu

    I left. Came back to see servers were locked. They got my hopes up, but now more maintenance :(