Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. BattleMage

    Whatever happened to the new sniper rifles that were supposed to be added yesterday? Did you guys just conveniently forget about that like you did the server transfer token?
  2. AnuErebus

    They said they're still working on them and that they'll be delayed at least another week.
  3. Tentakewls

    Delayed at least til next week since the TRAP is still terrible and the NS Semi autos are still a downgrade from the semi auto scouts ( especially after the buff )
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  4. St0mpy


    Um, shouldnt that be maxdamage close and mindamage far? Is it the patch notes adrift or are the game values set up like that now? (it would be broken if so).

    Can we get more information about this please?
  5. SuperLexatron

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  6. Ixidron

    oh, como one, again at 3pm and for 3 hours? why can't you do it like maintenances? at 12 pm.
  7. TommyXXL

    Patch Notes:

    • Purging old characters


    thank you, i hope this clears the leaderboards and ghost outfits.
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  8. TheAltoonaWiseman

    pfff--------------stat ****** cryin about sniper rifles, what about a decent shotgun in this game??? mabey with realistic damage for a SHOTGUN!! whats really overdue here?
  9. Alarox

    You seem to be behind the times. A lot has changed since the initial design.
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  10. DeadAlive99

    Man, I hope so. I am desperate to get these client crashes fixed. It's a total PITA, espeically when you are running a boost. I lose about 15 minutes per hour due to the crashes, so that means my 1 hour boost is only 45 minutes.

    Yeah, really. I have an old NC char. that I've played very little that I'd rather not lose what I've invested. I just now logged onto him for the first time in over a year, hoping that that will keep him off the list. Maybe they mean chars. that have been deleted by users but they've kept archived in case someone requests a retrieval. I bet that's it.

    Aside from that, I'm disapointed in the bug fix list. There are so many bugs that need addressing. I hope there are more next week. The map and spawn bugs are driving me crazy, amongst others.
  11. SilverAura

    Still absolutely no word on any fixes for the Engagement Radar I see... :(
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  12. Thickskull

    Rest in piece lattice free Amerish. I will miss you greatly.
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  13. Maelthra

    I won't. In fact, I might actually go to Amerish now. Hhmmm, I wonder what it's like there...
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  14. soultrax

    Great patch and all that but where are the God dam devs? Not see a single reply about server issues and the lag/ stutter/fps problems what's going on????
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  15. IamDH

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  16. MGP

    Still no fix for Engagement Radar.
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  17. KaoticSnake

    Hopefully this will attract a more frequent population on amerish, on briggs its all about indar with like 10-15 ghost-cappers on amerish and esamir and only having a small turn out for the alerts unless its an outfit squad which is really annoying, i fly a lot and i find amerish to be the best for air battle due to the higher flight ceiling meaning you can stay out of lock on range and pretty much out of flak range too although something needs to be addressed with the indar eastern warpgate and surrounds due to the lower flight ceiling it is basically impossible to fly there or have a dogfight/lib fight with out some pesky lock on missiles from the ground or flak.

    but meh, that my opinion as i lib alot so flak and ground locks really irritate me.
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  18. Adeon

    For sidearm, this can not be called "balance". :confused:
  19. Chowley

    Yes that lasher spam will be so beneficial to the fun factor. :eek:
  20. PastalavistaBB

    RIP to the last playable Amp Station. It was really risky and fun defending with a Lightning inside an Amp Station. I don't participate on any Amp Station Alert anymore because it's nothing more than Trench Warfare after the Multi Cap point changes. The new Amp Station Design totally excludes vehicles and gives LAs free playground. The rest is almost like a Biolab fight.
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