Server Downtime for Patch February 13, 2014 6 AM PT

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  1. T0x1s

    What is the difference? I signed a US account just to get beta access but i live in EU :) Can somebody tell me?
  2. kadney

    Does anyone know why the Bolt Driver attachment didn't make it to the liveserver yet? :)
  3. Snidered

    in the breif time i did get in game, i worked out woodmans TR WDS points was 2.2197558268590454% mine, going to walk my dog and go and see the friend who hates me for a change... at least i will get more love than from SOE.

    this will take a triple exp weekend to say sorry me thinks... 10+ hours downtime this week, downtime for other patches... by the time my 3 month xp boost is up i will have lost a day or two during my primetime and since you are blatantly not going to give me that lost time back in boosts (i understand daddy sony will say no) the least you can do is help my power ranking... i think, at this point a triple xp weekend is one of the only ways you can absolve your sins, especially since my membership came out my bank today... really feeling worth it this week, like really... araxium member over and out
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  4. ncDieseL

    Can we just make EU servers work please? Can that be a feature? Seriously, why does EU get such a raw deal?
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  5. Zerobite

    What I meant was the lack of access to player generated content - as well as the ****** "It seems you are trying to login from a European country - you should use a Pro7 Sat site" messages...boy, these really pisses me off..!

    If they want to do regional separation of people for marketing purposes - they could at least do the same for the servers and stop bugging PAYING members with downtime in the regional primetime!

    Sorry for ranting - nothing personal - just wish someone at SOE would actually wake up and feel an urge to make a difference..
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  6. fatbabies

  7. Zerobite

    Guess that's pretty much spot on.. :D
  8. T0x1s

    What is the difference of a EU account and a US account? (i think my old comment is gone about it)
  9. halfchaos

    Region specific releases and the account info is saved on a region specific server probably.
  10. Mormomboy

    Is aiming down the sight supposed to use up the cloak on Stalker Cloak?
  11. jOGI

    When SOE works on PS2 - updates, patches etc. - the Forums always much more fun, than the game itself....
  12. shadowwolf0093

    SOE Really confused about why all of a sudden 1100 certs appeared out of no where. Where did they come from or what did you do that caused a refund of the unknown cert tree. :confused:
  13. BrianJ2

    It's unfair because it would just be a free 200 cert for some people who used it alot.
  14. chrisarn94

    Why do so few people just say something like "I'm having some issues logging in. It took however long on what ever server, etc." instead of going off on a rant about how terrible SOE is and how much this is bull**** and how they need to b**** an moan about how awful it is that they're having some difficulty making this extremely complex game run perfectly. Perhaps if you were respectful, mature, and above all else PATIENT while voicing your issues and concerns they could better isolate and solve the complex issues in this game.
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  15. BrianJ2

    If u were a member, your answer is that you have been refunded the extra passive certs that members didnt get + an extra percentage.
  16. BrianJ2

    Some people aren't so technical and just play the game. And when they can't this happens.
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  17. FillyFluttershy

    That's stupid, what's the point of even having them then? They are already deprived in velocity and damage they deserve. You can get two head shots and still not kill someone if your damage has dropped off at all, and that isn't exactly easy.
  18. multicycle

    Most tech companies have different release schedules for different regions (i.e, North America goes first during off peak times N.A. time. Then EU release during EU off-peak hours). Reasons being:

    1. If something goes wrong, it gets caught during the first release zone and gets fixed in time for the second release zone.

    2. Minimal customer complaint.

    And finally, with the infrastructure as big as this game, there needs to be automated test suite that load test the login servers with different archetypes of users who login. With certain pass conditions such as number of timeouts and failed logins.

    Working in the software industry for my entire career, step by step roll out is almost standard practice. Dropping a big bomb almost always produces unforeseen issues (out of memory, concurrency issues, etc.) that could not be produced on the staging & QA environment. It's how you mitigate the risks and learn from your previous releases that sets a company's reputation apart. Not getting bombed time after time.
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  19. YeTiBr0

    SOE we've had our differences, but I'm ready to forgive you. I can login and play this fantastic game even with a 250ms ping and enjoy it this much. No more downtime! Thanks for delivering the patch.

    What is love?
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me
    No more

  20. gregfox89

    Now this is a great patch :eek: