Server Downtime for Patch February 13, 2014 6 AM PT

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  1. Uberubie

    Also, what I like about the cloak change is that while it applies to all cloaks, it also further serves to differentiate the stalker and hunter cloaks. Because the stalker drains more slowly and can recharge while cloaked, an infiltrator using it can afford to slowly creep across the battlefield, reducing their visibility. Whereas a hunter infiltrator, due to the fairly fast drain of the cloak, will likely have to sprint to maximize the usage of their cloak, being rendered at the most visible form of the cloak as a result.
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  2. Element17

    SKEP Launcher Auraxium Is a bunch of crap. People that have the kills regardless should get their medal. If there wasn't a bug to begin with there would be no problem. But telling us we have to go from either nothing to Auraxium or from Gold to Auraxium is a bunch of crap.
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  3. Astealoth

    Excellent update. I'll definitely be buying me a pink crossbow for your troubles :p
  4. jOGI

    Good job, SOE.
    But still no bugfix for the nonerendering range-op AV Mana Turret....?
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  5. biterwylie

    Nice! Some good quality updates there. Thanks guys. Tank mines improvements are great! Please do more stuff like this so the game is less like a kids cartoon.
  6. ericray

    Even if there was no infil update here, this would still be one of the best patches released for the game in a very long while.
  7. Fockl0re

    Now this is what you call a good patch ,

    Now please consider giving some Love to Light Assault as well .
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  8. ironeddie

    I don't think I've seen an update with so much great stuff. Really pleased to see cloak becoming more invisible. The changes to emp nades is good I think they'll now be very useful. Nice to see tank mines getting smaller. Might have to learn to look out for them again.

    Yeah good update. Just hope it doesn't introduce any hither to unknown game breaking bugs!
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  9. moooosa

    The Shadow's min damage is already 270 though. (Why on earth not buff the Battle Rifles too?)
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  10. triangle

    I hope there wont be a huge flood of Infiltrators now. :/
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  11. Novmiech

    So to be clear, unlike the 4th and Winter titles, it is impossible for a F2P player to earn these V-Day titles?

    That's bad business SOE :confused:

    Please consider changing the criteria of earning the title so that it may be earned by the Certs only NS crossbow - even if it is only achievable for a limited time (like the snowman killing one was).
  12. Uberubie

    Depends, a lot of the more interesting toys are not tied to station cash, but certs. You'll probably see more infiltrators, but probably (well, hopefully), no where near as many as one would see in a TF2 Update (such as the infamous Engi update).
  13. ST4LK3R

    Stalker cloak, stalker scout rifle...I should have rolled an NC.
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  14. Klypto


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  15. Dr.Destro229

    there is still time to change your ways!:cool:
  16. ForumSidePro720

    Patch notes in general sound very nice, but still, it's a nerf to Land Vehicles (again).

    Tank mines are made smaller: (Mineguard becomes a prerequisite on all Land Vehicles again)

    Explosives setting off explosives: - Tank mine + Sticky Grenades work together again (A Single Infantry can take out a Sunderer again. I did it a lot.)

    3 Infiltrators with Explosive Crossbow Rounds can kill a tank undetected by shooting one magazine (3 rounds each) in the rear . This will be cheesed a lot, especially with Stalker Cloak that doesn't drain out. (The Crossbow is a seconday weapon)

    Vehicle Debries won't instagib vehicles anymore: (This was beyond ridiculous, it's just common sense to balance it.)

    Now we need to bring the range of the AV Mana Turret into Infantry Render Range.
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  17. ZephyrBurst

    I think there will be at first, but it'll die down back to normal fairly quick, especially after the Amerish update.
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  18. chrisarn94

    We're just that much closer to our missiles gaining consciousness...
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  19. Boildown

  20. NBA JAM

    No it really wasn't. Infiltrators have been a joke to play since the start. In their dumb stupor they gave them SMG's and now an even better SMG and silent killing crossbow....Great. As if decloaking/render issues weren't already a problem with the supposedly RECON and SNIPER class, now we have a CQC invis class.

    Keep running this game into the ground SOE. You've done a good job over the course of a year.
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