Server Downtime for Hotfix November 22, 2013 6AM PDT (3PM CEST)

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    Well considering that US is where SOE is based and all the engineers and developers work and live there. They get in at say 4am-5am in the mornings and the 1st they do on that day is do the fix and restart the servers. Its senseless to do one hotfix at 5/6am US time and then another at 7/8pm US time.
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  2. kadney

    Thank you for the hotfix soe! After crashing once shortly after installing the hotfix, I could play for 3 hours at a stretch without crashing this evening! :)
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  3. Bloomster

    Yep stuck 96% what a great performance update!
  4. James Lyon

    I have my 3 day boost running I gained from the domination series and I can not get in the game, it is stuck at the log in screen for the second time in too day, thank you for taking my boost!!!
  5. James Lyon

    Half an hour waiting get in game and it crashes, not impressed. now I have to go to work no quit ps2 in the morning.
  6. Bloomster

    30 mins so far, this is a new record Sony on logging into a game, can we get a guinness representative to validate this please?
  7. Vanu Superiority

    Game's broke on me too. Stuck at 96%, validated, then got stuck at 98%. Game worked fine before hotfix for me.
  8. Zombekas

    Just crashed in-game out of the blue. Smooth 60 FPS gameplay and then boom crash. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed in the hotfix? You have one job!
  9. IronSymbol89

    96% stuck awww no not again :(
  10. equinub

    With all the login/downtime/crash troubles, please Soe do the right thing for your customer base.

    Hand out another 1 DAY 100% booster to the struggling players and extent the XP weekend all week.

    Can we get a change to boosters, so it only uses the actual play time hours and not act like a ticking timebomb.
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  11. MajiinBuu

    I still keep getting random CTDs.
    Also, fix double XP on Mattherson, it's been gone for hours now!
  12. ScrapyardBob

    Also stuck at 96% here as well. I'm guessing that they are having trouble with something, somewhere, in the login servers.
  13. SgtBlank

    Woohoo! 98% after 15 mins... wait for it wait for it!
    Seriously!!!! Is anyone at Sony aware that we're all sitting out here loading perpetually after the last hot fix?
  14. LePirak~~

    Damn 96%, i wait all the day to play and i got that ****
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  15. sebo

    yay stuck at loading screen.. taking ages on a SSD.

    WTF are you people doing to this game? hot patch for hot patch for hot patch for hot patch for hot patch for hot patch?
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  16. Darktemplar333

    mine worked just fine after about 3-4 restarts of the game, try restarting untill it works
  17. DevastatorNZ

    Stuck at 96% This always happens after patching
  18. anaxim

    Some kind of extraction is happening on 96% ......I waited for 3-4 minutes and it got over it.It only does it in the first time after (some)patches.Still I have crushes though (but I had them from the release ) so I cant have an opinion (32 bit windows=3.2giga memory).
  19. Krypza

    You all complain about the hot fixes....So what would you rather have SOE leave the game as is and fix things once every couple of months like most other game company's do? Think about it.....
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  20. \°•ζ•Я•Ĩ•M•°/

    Same here.