Server Downtime for Hotfix February 14, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. themayorofspace

    Uh, what is this?
  2. Wafflepancake

  3. GalaxyKillers

    Watch Vines Watch All Vines ....................................
  4. Tealrider

    also the animation for em4 auto reload wasn't working. saw several posts about that with different weapons.
  5. Mayo Blue

    There appear to have been several issues with the most recent patch. If any of that gave a drastic advantage or disadvantage to any faction, then obviously it needs to be hotfixed. Regardless of timezone or how much Id like to be playing right now, we would all just be whining about how broken it was anyway.

    Keep in mind, not only do they have to FIND the codes causing the issues, but then rewrite and trace the spiderweb to make sure its not affecting anything else. Its not like grabbing a bandaid out of the cabinet.

    I could go shovel the foot of snow we just got....Nah.

    And to the poster that has
    to trim, I think a trip to the doctor is warranted :p
  6. Knix124

    but do they have to find out what causes what bug on the gaming servers? why cant they use a test server and then just upload the update so we can download it and ,finished?
  7. ACDC

    Um, go to the PS2 players site beta. Everything shows up from last login. When the servers go down for fixes, it is to be expected that access is denied. From some of the posts I have read this morning you would think SOE was NASA. Cool your jets boys and girls. Do you want a game that is completely broken? At leest SOE is trying to fix the parts that are fixable on short notice, and get you back in the game ASAP.
  8. Mr H

    Yeah this happens all the time to me in both my harraser and sunderer, usually have to wait for it to recharge and it works the second time around. It is really annoying just cruising at top speed down a road and hitting GSD and smashing into a shield leading to a tech plant.
  9. B3cker

    Server are already "LOCKED" which should be a good sign. Come on SOE. Just don't f**k it up. We already got screwed Tuesday and Thursday. Just fix everything today and bring the servers up the right time.
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  10. JibbaJabba

    I'm not usually one for the "waaaah!! double XP weekend".

    But FFS Sony. It's been something broken or server downs for a week straight now. Execution has really been poor. How about *either* a double XP weekend *or* we get a few weeks of problem free gameplay. I'll take either.
  11. Kazzah

  12. Mr H

    Its just not EU players, I'm in the US and it happens to me as well. I know you guys are the majority in getting the shaft during these down times, but I normally get up around 6-7 pst, and have to head to get ready for work around 1130.
  13. Fockl0re

    NO NONO NONONONO No way .. Servers UP 2 hours before their time .. Someone Drop a galaxy on my head .. i need to wake up .
  14. themayorofspace

  15. Mayo Blue

    Arguably yes, that is what the PS2 test server is for. I do not have it downloaded, so I cannot confirm or deny that it is used to its fullest extent. These most recent bugs seem to be quite apparent, and either the patch was rushed into production for the holiday, or they just couldn't get to all the varieties of glitches that occurred. It takes a village to raise a patch.
  16. VogonPoetMaster

    Uptime Start: 10 AM PT (7 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Uptime Duration: Up to 3 hours
    • we have scheduled an uptime during which you can play this week.
    • uptime duration may be shorter than anticipated, but never less than 15 minutes.
    • please reorganize your daily schedule to make time for this great opportunity.
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  17. SprintingGhost

    I've already posted a huge reply to this thread and i'm just wanting to know if there's a way to contact the game dev/creator to argue about the double/triple SC to compensate the downtime, so please reply to this thread with a link, mail or smt i can contact the dev/creator of Planetside =)
  18. Dominator589

    Omg thank you :3
  19. manfromh

    That was probably the idea. They knew it wouldn't take 3 hours, but set the ETA to it anyway, so the players would be happy and grateful when the servers go up early.
  20. Spyrius

    And they never even bother to explain how they`re sorry they pissed everyone AGAIN and how those fixes really had to be done so badly and couldn`t wait because of something and something, and how they can`t update EU at different hours because of something - NO.

    No matter how many pages of dissapointed players i`m SOE, so just go and xxxx yourself, espacially you who pay us $$, you don`t deserve a word statement, go and quit your membership we`ll find other suckers anyway, we`re corpo, we don`t chitchat with you we just xxxx you.