Server Downtime for Hotfix February 14, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Warpi

    everytime, everyday, anyway 3h oh no 5h patchday! i quit my premium account!
  2. Yaesu

    Honestly? I feel for the EU and AU servers. How about this... come up with the patch, TEST IT on the test server, when it works right, then close down servers and release it. This release a patch, to fix a patch, to fix a patch(in this case) is ridiculous! We don't put thought into planning ahead?
  3. themayorofspace

  4. themayorofspace

    This is stupid. February I have the most days off from school. Tell me this isn't the most unfortunate coincidence in gaming history.
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  5. Dominator589

    Hey guys I don't know if this is a problem or not, but when I try to log into to PS2 right now, It's asking me to select an empire and all this crap as if I have lost my character.. is this normal??
  6. Wafflepancake

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  7. Kazzah

    Normal during a patch, watch for the servers being back up (original post in this thread has an eta which is edited with updates)
  8. Pondera

    "Status: 2/14/2014 5:54 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled maintenance."

    This is what happens when the game loads and it has nothing to connect to. Don't worry about it. When SOE refills their hamster wheels and the servers come back on, it'll fix itself.

    oh, and HAR DEE HAR HAR, WafflePancake. :p
  9. Wafflepancake

    I love how the same question happens EVERY maintenance xD
  10. GalaxyKillers

    let me share this:

  11. DoMA55


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  12. themayorofspace

    Oh, is that all.
  13. Knix124

    alright, if there is another "maintenance" this week that takes longer than 2 hours im gonna quit my premium membership...and i was thinking about getting 3 months at once gonna wait for that a little bit....and yes i know they fix stuff for us but do they have to do that every day?! why not once a week?? like on wednesday...and why do they have to test the stuff out on the servers? they should freaking have a test server where they test the patches not use the gaming servers!!
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  14. SprintingGhost

    I expect a double or triple StationCash for at least the European players,
    we weren't able to play on the 11th, 13th of Februari AND today,
    (Not including all dates in Januari)
    Since all updates start at 3PM CET and they all take at least
    3 hours we can only play when it's later than dinner time,
    we haven't been able to play 3 days this week,
    well at least me and that's really depressing since it's weekend.
    we are most of the time playing planetside,
    and we can't when we got such long updates....

    So please sony,
    Give at least the european players something nice,
    Since we haven't been able to play for 10+ hours this week...
    A free heroic boost, double or triple station cash weekend or day,
    Just something that can compensate all hours we weren't able to play.

    Kind Regards,
    A planetside 2 player ;)
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  15. themayorofspace

    Hey guys, if the ETA is three hours, shouldn't we be preparing for the sun to explode while we're waiting?
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  16. Kazzah

    I'm currently searching for near earth asteroids - I thought I'd use my time constructively and do my bit for (wo)mankind.
  17. themayorofspace

    Well, SOE, you've brought me to this. *clicks Need for Speed: World icon* *silently cries*
  18. TantalusX

    Can you stop doing this in the middle of EU time? Yesterday it went from 3-8ish, and even then login was broken/slow. Half the EU is just completely cut out.
  19. DoMA55

    i like it its Always on 15:00 hrs thats frackt up
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  20. themayorofspace