Server Downtime for Hotfix December 20, 2013 6AM PT

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  1. janeTEXAS

    im on the 98% club lol
  2. Thatwierdguy

    You want them to give you free money because of scheduled down time? Seriously is this the first game you've EVER played? This downtime is nothing compared to what most MMOs go through after major patches.
  3. AJRDLawrence

    Check the servers are actually before saying they are up lol - they cannot be logged on to.
  4. Altruise

    96% Club all the way.
  5. BigBooty

    No, Woodman (EU) was up first. What's Woodman US?
  6. BronieSalute

    Connrey's like the ONLY server down T_T (that's the server I play on) TTTTTTTTT________________TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  7. Zok

    i noticed that real quick.... so i threw some chicken patties in the oven and in a few minutes its going to be on full fledged, im hungry
  8. Grayson

    So ETA : N/A again? :rolleyes:
  9. BigBooty

    See you on the battlefield in 29 hours.
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  10. BronieSalute

  11. kadney

    Is anyone able to join Cobalt? I get the good old 96% when starting the game. :D
  12. diinnzin

    Servers down again? I'm on Connery, and 96% screen....
  13. #ServersAreBroked

    <3 it. PS2 Twitter. "Servers comming up in 22 minutes" ; 1 hour 20 mins later "We are investigating..."
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  14. pizo1

    Hmm 1h overdue,this is not smelling on barbacue more on spoiled fish..........
  15. Implementor

    Server locked.[IMG]
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  16. kadney

    Thank god we got Forumside!:D
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  17. Goretzu

    There were sundy packs everywhere last night. :eek:
  18. Implementor

    better go watch some ****
  19. X3Theta

    Let's look at it logically.
    You are the boss of SOE and you have X amount of paying customers with level Y of satisfaction that results in revenues.

    1. Do you want them to spend more money
    2. or do you want them to cancel their memberships because they sense that the business owner tells them some sort of "I dont care"?

    Any person with any sort of business sense (at least the ones *I* know of) would have it done at night when there is lowest activity and have it prepared such that the transition is quick and always have a rollback plan available.

    1. Go to India if the US has ludicrous working regulations and if you really care about your customers.
    2. You are not paying much overtime if you streamline your stuff better.
    3. "Unless needed"? Are you kidding me? With an online game that is one of the largest of its type? Lol.

    Sorry guys, that is not the capitalism I know of. Maybe the competition is lacking...

    No pun intended. And this is also no whining and not written from a player perspective. It is just that I cannot believe this is a large US company that behaves like that.

    It's just that: LOL!
  20. Renuse

    Connery :( I hope the work on your end is going well!