Server Downtime for Hotfix December 20, 2013 6AM PT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Dark Pulse

    It shouldn't happen for another 3 1/2 hours.
  2. Weynard

    Here we go again, screw the EU TZ
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  3. Kociboss

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  4. Ultramarine

    Oh please enough of this. It has nothing to do with you being in EU. 9AM is when the engineers get to work. It's when I go to work too on days I don't have off. Yeah, it's inconvenient, but this whole "Clearly they hate me and everything they do is because they hate me and my continent" thing is getting really old.
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  5. Larolyn

    Ok. I need this hotfix to test my dumbfires. Cause so far, Hawk flat out beats every other launcher I have. Both for dumbfiring MAXs and ground vehicles and for hitting air. Deci tickles ESFs right now as does Shrike. Shrike takes 11 hits to kill a Prowler, Deci takes 9 and Hawk takes 7. Why did I invest in a dumbfire which now has the worse trajectory I have ever seen when a 250 cert lockon is superior in all situations? I dunno about the rest of you but I can't hit **** now with my deci. Trajectory got so messed up.
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  6. Ketadine

    I can't believe it, another Pounder nerf ! o_O
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  7. RockISonner

    I noticed this aswell. Resupplying twice really should not be needed to kill 1 tank (Also not possible unless the tanker is oblivious)
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  8. Qasar

    I'm impressed with you guys getting on this stuff so quickly. I'm sure there are also selfish reasons at play, like upcoming vacations that people would like to take, but I'm also sure that this is a recognition of needing to get this stuff fixed asap for us. Especially with the perceived uptick in number of players with OMFG.

    As far as the outage goes, I'm a 20 year~ systems administrator and I have been there. So, I can't even be mad at you for that. :)

    Good job guys.
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  9. PastalavistaBB

    SOE you are the most incompetent and indecisive Game Company I've ever seen. First you make Basilisk -which was a decent generalist weapon- "very good", then nerf it after people invest certs in it. You nerf the already underperforming Vulcan on the Prowler into uselessness. I actually choose the new Basilisk over the nerfed Vulcan. Now I lost both. But your biggest mistake is to make the worst weapon in the game into a decent functioning weapon, then nerf it again!!! I mean how can you even think about nerfing the Pounders? They were a PoS, even worse than the Enforcer Modified. I got my second Pounder yesterday and it was performing decently, not OP after the update. But guess what? We are not supposed to kill Infantry and Vehicles with the same weapon, right? If I wanted to play "Rock, Paper, Scissor" I could do it at home too. I actually expected this kind of BS from SOE, but it's still absurd.
  10. Xenedor

    so many things to fix and they put a pounder nerf in... omfg
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  11. Spude

    Lool, already nerfing pounders.
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  12. PastalavistaBB

    Shhh, don't tell them, or we'll have another "hotfix" and lose all the Double XP Weekend. I was going to activate a 3 Day XP Booster today, but well, I'll have to postpone that until, well, SOE gets their $hit together.
  13. RockISonner

    Jebuzz the servers are wacky. Double c4 an AA turret who has it's back turned. Zero damage, he then proceeds to gun me down (Still facing the opposite direction)
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  14. Crowbar Sr

    inb4 12 hours of downtime
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  15. SidCom

    All this whining makes me sick from this MBT/harrasser/BT/LIB etc. vehicle spammers that they cannot kill 10 people now with on shot!!
    They have ALL a K/D over 3 to 7. As an frontline infantrist i barely can hold my K/D rate of 1 when there are a lot of medics around. The damned vehicles spam is anyway OP against infantrists. I suggest a cooldown time for LIBS/MBT/harrasser for at least 30 min...:p
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  16. eldarfalcongravtank

    this patch actually decreased performance for me. i get microstuttering like when scoping in with a sniper. additionally smoke gives me horrendous slowdowns. i thought with a performance update you gonna increase performance throughout all pc setups
  17. BigIronRanger

    Why no revert to the scoping in of sniper rifles? :(

    you seriously screwed up big times SOE why would you so drastically change such a core mechanic that has been around for almost year at whim without even documenting it in the update notes.

    pls change the scoping mechanic back to how it was before the update
  18. ButhoxC

    Fixed RGB-value for insanely oversaturated blue on NC vehicles?
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  19. Gundem

    You still have that horrible deadzone gone. Whatever they do now, is not that bad. I think before it only took 4 shots to kill, same as the Comets. That wouldn't be fair.
  20. Gundem

    That's why I certed into Bulldogs :D

    They had faster TTK's then the Basilisks before the update, and now with the 250 damage buff/basilisk nerf they just got even better.

    Also, I called the Basilisk nerf.