Server Downtime for Hotfix December 20, 2013 6AM PT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. RUmadbro

    wtf game will launch but wont launch it will get too 96% and stop wont do any thing els
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  2. CrazyMike

    Are you
    taking a random shot at my intellligence ? Should I pull out German stereotypes as well ?
  3. GTI40


    Not again :-(
  4. Weynard

    Go right ahead, it's not like anyone of us is talking sense or has anythign else to do for the next hour or so.
  5. Renuse

    Or maybe they were double checking their fix for the Americas cause so many people complain >_> .. I know there is a huge leggin flux right now. But the load screen went pretty quick.
  6. MaestroOblivion

    Dude. I love it when the TR complain for this reason exactly. The VS is nerfed so far into the ground the only people that play on it on Waterson are ones from the disbanding of Jaeger. You TR think it's sooo terrible when SOE nerfs even the blast radius of a gun no one uses. HA! Try playing on a faction where no one uses the faction guns. At least you don't have to start out spending your certs/money to buy NS weapons.
  7. Renuse

    Well after clicking the 'play' button its taking forever. But then again there was no announcement so NONE of us should be griping.
  8. CommandoKain

    Stuck at 96% Before character Screen.After the HOTFIX. Could this be dude to so many people Logging in at once?
  9. Renuse

    In game now, seems fine.
  10. tf2hero

    matherson and connery are up
  11. SniperApache

    if you listen carefully it sounds like the goat is saying what!?
  12. GTI40

    96% bug is because a lot of people are trying to get onto server at the same time... Works like a DDoS-attack...
    Happens every time after a patch...

    EDIT: Maybe I should say that the game adds you in some kind of queue
  13. CleanUpGuyCZ

    I wonder that the most VS that kill me, use VS guns (like 90%) strange, isn't it?
  14. StReynolds

    Im having the same issue where the game will sit at 96%. If I have to download the game again I might just lose my mind. getting fed up

    well I'm in now so apparently I jumped the gun. apologies SOE.
  15. Titus13

    Any eta when Waterson will be unlocked
  16. Shizzerk VS TR and NC populations seem pretty balanced to me on Waterson. Also a lot of people from TR would rather use NS guns than the TR counterparts. Mostly because, compared to the TR guns, the NS weapons don't have a ridiculous cone of fire.
  17. ragecage

  18. InvitroCanibal

    There is competition for this game. Honestly if you don't like the way SOE is handling things or treating you, just move to the competition. I'm already on my way over there. I could post games but I think the mods would just censor that. Peace Out :)
  19. SkyezWars

  20. PwNrJoKeR

    I'm stuck at "Logging in..."