Server Downtime for Hotfix December 20, 2013 6AM PT

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  1. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    Update 2: Delay has been reduced; servers are dropping now 6:30 am PST (3:30 pm CET)

    Additional note in red

    Estimated downtime: 2 hours

    Patch Notes:
    • Fixed an issue causing hits to sometimes not register
    • Fix for animation and movement jitter of characters at long ranges
    • Fix for tank turrets occasionally missing at long range
    • Fixed issue where character could get stuck temporarily after teleporting
    • AOE damage issues fixed for deployed explosives
    • Replaced stairs in the VR room and warpgates
    • Tutorial no longer gated at the redeploy step
    • Fixes to some helmet and armor popping
    • Fixed missing rails on Amerish
    • Saurva banners, teleporters and shields fixed
    • Fixed incorrect resist settings on ESF versus default/decimator rocket launchers. Decimator should be a 1 hit kill and default rocket launchers should be almost a 1 hit kill again.
    • Fixed some incorrect damage mitigation values on Flak armor. Flak armor was not properly mitigating the direct hit of rocket launchers, grenade launchers and a few other weapons.
    • Fixed incorrect value on ZOE max resistance versus default/decimator rocket launchers
    • Basilisk/Drake adjustments. RPM lowered from 400 to 351 (previous live value was 300). Minimum cone of fire returned to its previous 0.5 degrees up from 0.3 degrees. COF bloom per shoot reduced back down to 0.1 from 0.125
    • AV Mana Turret adjustments. Correct incorrect resist values for aircraft against the Engineer AV mana turrets. They were not resisting enough damage. The damage they take should now match what they were before PU002. AV MANA turrets should now be able to 1 shot another AV MANA turret instead of nearly killing it.
    • TR M3 Pounder HEG adjustment. Reduced max blast damage from 190 to 125.
    • Liberators and Galaxies no longer lock-on one second quicker than other targets
    • Members have been granted certs to account for an error in passive cert bonus calculations during the downtime
    As always, we appreciate your patience.
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  2. DiHorizon

    Is it possible to refund the certs that we spent on upgrading our Basilisks during the past two days?

    Edit: also, any word on whether the Nanoweave cert refund that came with PU02 only granting the value of the highest purchased tier is being looked into?
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  3. Santondouah

    Thanks you guys for this quick fix ;)

    And yes Basilisk was clearly OP, especially on double Basilisk Sundies. At least, for one night, TR could realize what us poor NC felt when facing vulcans :D
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  4. Chivalry

    Glad to know that I'm not going crazy.
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  5. DJStacy

    Thanks for the quick work on the hotfix :)

    Still think C4 should be returned to its previous conditions tho............I used to survive a blast in my flak armour while others fell around me, don't see why the change was needed. Just takes away ability for LA to clear out the maxes which still took skill because you have to stay alive long enough to detonate it .............same with taking out vehicles.
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  6. KO-tic

    Umm.............Fix the NW pdw

    It's broken like hell

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  7. MickeySerendipity

    Welp, there goes EU prime time again...
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  8. Camycamera


    well at least they are still more effective than pre PU2.
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  9. CommyXD26

    Oh, how horror! A legion of Sundies! Worse nightmare than ZOE! Can't sleep!
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  10. Gringosuave

    Still no fix for the vanguard exterior and plates glowing in the dark or the fact the exterior is now default blue?
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  11. Shad0wind

    Can I habe station cesh pls

    cmon it chritmas
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  12. CaptainClean

    Can you guys also add a fix for the Trainingsection, you accidently removed all Stairs there =)
  13. Seuchensaal

    Wow. Much Engrish. So greedy. Very Christmas. Very StationCash.
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  14. KO-tic

    Hmm...interesting no one seemed to notice I wrote "NW" instead of "NS"
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  15. Seuchensaal

    It is quite more polite to just think "moron" than to write it. ;)
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  16. HolyMohli

    after "Onslaught, Mercy and Fracture Nerfs......NOT already enough TR MAX nerf ?????? make it more useless pls....
    god dmn..
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  17. TheRealJoker

    My thought exactly ... *sigh*
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  18. BloodyPuma

    Is it live, or it will be? At work, cant check.
  19. FleurDisLee

    what about the other bugs? i still cant log in when i pick my character it crashes! its been 4 days >:C
  20. Cheshire

    I hope this was as common as it seemed to me, because I can't believe how many bullets I've pumped into people and still got my face smashed in afterwards. :/

    Then again, it may just be me having to adjust to running without Nanoweave?