Server Downtime for Hotfix December 17, 2013 1:30 PM PT (10:30 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. LOBOX

    compensation compensation compensation!!!!
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  2. Gredd18

    TBH, If anyone is going to suffer big time it's them from this. We can stop playing, nothing's gonna change much for us. For them? Yeah. Stuff might change. They're loosing players. First a patch that is pretty dumb in the communities eyes, and now server trouble?
  3. mcjager

    i think that at least for the people who had some boost`s active while the servers were down, they should they should give us 1 or 2 days of the boost that we lost....
  4. Amit2120

    us cant play either... servers are up but unavailable
  5. Renuse

    Hey EU guys stop complaining. The servers arent really up for the US. We cant get on.
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  6. DaBadBoyz

    They should focus on EU servers first! We are all waiting for them to be UP! Not down!
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  7. pizo1

    For the love off god how you ppl dont get what is happening.Im gona tell you.
    Someone started to celebrate sooner and accidentally spilled his/hers booze all over servers heheheh.
  8. NewoIkken

    Rabble Rabble Rabble! Connery is unavailable! Rabble Rabble!
  9. ncDieseL

    I got on to Mattherson for all of 2 minutes before getting disconnected :/ It looks like it's still up, perhaps my ping was too high.
  10. ncDieseL

    I got on to Mattherson, there were alot of other people on... I got disconnected, but that might have been my ping?
  11. Mark467

  12. Geekboy234

    I would guess they are doing the best they can. They probably have the US servers up due to proximity to their office and allowing
    EU , AU and US to stress test like Connery last night
  13. Gredd18

    Anyone know what the problem is? Besides, Shouldn't they have backup servers?
  14. Adam_L

    Holidays are here so I dont mind waiting a little for them to fix it..

    Please hurry though I wanna play.
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  15. Shizzlebitz

    Same thing happened to me on Mattherson. But it was enough time for me to see I had 10,000 certs from all my refunds :)
  16. NeoJaguer

    Matherson Server unavailable! again
  17. CommandoKain

    MY GOD SOE JUST TAKE THE HALEBARD Away for the Herrasser and all with be balanced, just refund everyone it was a mistake putting it on them in the first place.. Also the Saron..
  18. SideSt3p

    US is down.

    If you mean an entire server farm which is a playable environment that's an exact copy of the existing production environment, that would be a huge waste of money.
  19. XxShadowSpawnxX

    what happened to the matterson server??
  20. faykid

    it got unlocked? EU servers are still down.
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