Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. GalXEEEEE

    Am i playing PS2 right now? No... Do i have to sign up for healthcare, and if i don't i get penalized? Yes...

    It was not a joke, and frankly i would rather live in Europe. Better to be there with a shi**y connection, then be here with shi**y false freedom.
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  2. feuerteufel

    and tomorrow there comes some Downtime about 2-2,5 hours for Hotfix. Like every Weeko_O
  3. Magicool

    yay 1 more minute!
  4. BrianJ2

    another 2,5 hours u mean:(.

    Yay EXP weekend;)
  5. ncDieseL

    Dude they are fixing the log in issues in this patch. I would much rather have this 5 hours of downtime than continue with the log in server nightmare we've been having. Trying to get on to EU servers with weekend would normally take 20-30 minutes. If you crashed out towards the end of an alert, tough break, because you weren't getting back in.
  6. Detsl

    but when the it 1st went down i thought it was 2.5 hour lol
  7. Wafflepancake

    Well seeing as this isn't a patch rather HARDWARE upgrade I can see this taking some time to come together. Any new server hardware is more than welcome with the amount of lag there has been in the last week :)
  8. imfabiohello

    your fk kidding me realy ?
  9. 1Pointtowin

    i hate to be "that guy" but no matter what someone is going to have downtime during their prime-time. if SOE planned to cut a patch or take the servers down at say 6 am which would be great for EU players (am i wrong) then it cuts into my prime-time its a crap deal but, nothing to be done about it.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I take it you are separating the player database from the game database server so you can just plug and play updated game servers reducing update downtime to say less than 30 minutes.
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  11. Nocturnal7x

    Will this affect long login times during the rest of the week? When I login to alts to collect my passives Its often very very slow, or the game crashes. Sometimes its great, other times super slow.
  12. Aramarys

    Taking bets for how much more extended time is required.

    This will make it easier to do hardware maintenance also.
  14. Kazzah

    Firstly you only edited the original post long after the original 2.5 hours had expired - secondly we are now over the 5 hour mark, please update us.
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  15. Barny

    They are doing hardware upgrade, which can take a while. The more intriguing question is, why oh why do they have to shutdown EU servers in EU prime time?
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  16. Viiggo

    Yep, they are just trolling you.
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  17. feuerteufel

    I never have been waiting for more than 2-3 Minutes
  18. Aramarys

    EU isn't as important as US primetime. Isn't that obvious?

    What they are doing on this update takes a while, but the payoff will be a lot shorter downtime for updates.....
  20. imfabiohello

    whahaha yea