Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. AllSkillorNoThrill

    Why? What have EU players done for PS2 or anything else for that matter? Respect he says... ROFL

    - Respect is EARNED not cried for.
  2. JamesBomd

    2 hours downtime to 5 hours downtime.
  3. Zerky

    2 and a half hours downtime? 5 HOURS ALREADY?

    Come on SOE, please stop updating the servers around EU primetime. Cert compensation?
  4. Tentakewls

    Also, the downtime.
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  5. BrianJ2

    5 hours? That's just outrageous on EU primetime. I know Blizzard and stuff do it for 6 hours but they won't do it on prime-times(5AM to 11AM)
  6. AllSkillorNoThrill

    oooo snap! ;)
  7. DasGunterlie

    I love how you Guys are whining after every single Update :)
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  8. Serafine

    Stop nerfing server uptime, it is UP enough already! ;)

    We already have to deal with this crap every Thursday.
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  9. Gleerok

    I had a reason to be scared...
  10. Snidered

    at work when we have to upgrade the platform we get into work 5am GMT, because the customer comes first... doing timezone aware updates would be nice. e.g update US and EU servers at different times, pay out some overtime and free pizza....

    its just typical the one day i get home from work and my GF gives me the PC right away is a patch day... un announced again... seriously you must of paid for new hardware so couldn't of just gone... hey lets do something cool today... um... i know lets update the database servers today.

    its cool you tell us whats going on, but it cancels it out when you do it on the day... some warning so the sad sods like me who play all the time like me can plan around needed maintenance would be super awesome, i am a paying customer and would love to get told in advance about certain things like downtime
  11. TNSxMichael

    Actually I pay as well , and the exp booster I bought a week ago is gona expire in like 20hours but still they dont keep the game servers down becuse they want to , something must be messed up really bad if its down for this long time just wait up :)
  12. Major Beta

    I wish, I were a american player...
  13. mukanya

    Great news especially for Miller Server .:cool:
  14. Diplocaulus

    Another day, another day without PlanetSide.
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  15. Akashar

    Why, again? It happens all the time! It's sooo frustrating! I guess I can already stop thinking about the great evening I had planned with my pals on planetside 2! Great, it's not like if we could never find time together to play and had to plan this weeks before. It's totally ok, because thanks to this ... update... we won't ever have an issue we don't have since last PU... Ok some people have, but the issue now is that it's 7 PM, I was super excited coming back from work, and saw this... Ok... :(
  16. Morgothic

    How many SOE techs does it take to screw in a light bulb? ;)

    (Not counting the ones trying to get the guy with his junk caught in the ceiling fan down)
  17. Daikar

    Yeah I don't really have a problem with waiting on stuff like this even if it takes days, but I really want to know what the hold up is.
    That's my only real problem with SOE atm, stealth nerfs and lack of info here on the forums. Hell there's even a lack of info ingame :p took me several months before I figured out you could press B with the engi tool to get the ammo :O
  18. Rebone

    Until the next issue will wreck Miller again.
  19. Aelyn

    I'm relatively new to the game, and the "This could go very wrong" posts start to worry me a bit. So, should we worry about our certs, weapon unlocks etc?

    Because I only recently managed to rack up almost 700 certs, only to "accidentally" spend 500 on the second C4 block in the training room... It would be a shame to have to start over again as I am getting 1000 for a new weapon.
  20. Tonberry76

    its now here 19:00 ( 7 pm ) was hoping after a long hard day work i can shoot things
    but sadly the maintence is not that great for Eu players -.-
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