Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Sammywillz

    will the crossbow be only available on valentines day? i don't think i can get a 1000 certs by that time because of school ;(
  2. BlueDevilManiac

  3. pet3r

    wondering when will the SOE respect EU players more? it's perfectly fine and understandable that updates need to be implemented, but don't make us the night players!
  4. 5RoadKill5

    5 hours!!!!
  5. alexkahn1

    ((So, i had to reply to my own post as the edit function sucks a$$ (yet another thing SOE couldnt do properly to save their lives))

  6. DankBudha

    lol, that's pretty sneaky. Oh SOE!
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  7. slawo

    damn stupid path!
  8. rockNoob

    So the downtime has doubled? I bet someone pressed the cancel button at 99% update.
  9. ThunderKiss

    Double downtime? Double XP!
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  10. Tinyaguk

    When's the last time they hit their ETA within an hour?
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  11. Viiggo

    What are you talking about. It's daytime in the U.S. too... Give them a call, maybe they can work something out and change business hours to your convenience?
  12. PrimalPhantom

    I hear that ThunderKiss. It may just happen. The last time we had a long downtime they gave us it. Here is to hoping.
  13. Jump Jets

    At least they are keeping us Informed with the ETA.
    They should of just added a sentence stating that instead of just changing the original.
    But hey at least we still have a ETA that hasn't come and gone and leftl wondering, How much longer?
  14. cruczi

    A week ago?
  15. StiltonNinja

    Sneaky change from 2.5hrs to 5hrs. Annoying, after the day at work I've had I want to shoot something. Still, I'd rather they got it right than rush it and mess it up. Oh....:rolleyes:
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  16. SirJMD

    Thank you for doing this YET AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF EU PRIME TIME....
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  17. kadney

    Double Exp with that amount of zerging? Maybe if the WDS adjustments drastically change players behaviour, else: Yay, double exp for ghostcapping..

    One hour to go, so keep calm and patient.
  18. TNSxMichael

    Be grateful that you can play such an amazing game for free and dont Q_Q about every update
    just for you to know so many things can go wrong within seconds in every single update or even aserver check
  19. Major Beta

    For every minute who came the update to late, give it ONE Cert!!!
  20. Daikar

    Be grateful most of us that cry actually pay for the game so you can play it for free ;)
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