Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. slawo

    this game alread work? becouse I still try and always crash to desktop
  2. Mormomboy

    Ahh, yes I have noticed it.
  3. Xikini

    If you are asking if the maintenance is over, there's still another 30 min or so left.
  4. MajiinBuu

    I hope this will fix the login bug, where the only way you can log in is after validating game assets(long process for old computers)
  5. Mormomboy

  6. hutjeflut

    Take wow for example almost 9 years uptime and i only ever had issues 3 times after which i got compensated over 10 times the lost gametime.
    Othertimes i got repaid when i didnt even have a issue.
    this game ive bin playing (or should i say trying to) for under 2 weeks and ive already spend more time trying to log in then the entire time i had issues in wow spread over 9 years...

    that makes this games login service beyond bad.

    Which isnt weird as i live in europe and play on cobalt EU yet if i try to login the game connects to a US IP making me believe they only have 1 loginserver located in the US.
    I hve both a EU and US account and 3 installs of which steam (US 0 a normal US and then a EU install (PSG) and veery possible combo between thos keeps connecting to a US server.
    No wonder everyone in europa has issues getting into the game.

    On top of that ihy isnt maintenance done in the morning but at #pm instead.

    3pm is the time most players (kids) come home on top of that is the maintenance extends which is more often then not in games it will still be ongoing when the rest of the players return.
    If you start maintenance at 7 or 8 am you have up to 7 hours instead of a hasty 2,5
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  7. Cobsy

    Oh comeoooon, I need to get in so I can buy the helmet I don't have.. Hear that SOE? I'm gonna spend money, let me in!
  8. Felkuro

    come on people! lets all play on the test server! We all know its gonna take another 24 hours to get the servers back online. <3
  9. FliegerPanzer

    Turn on pls, I want to try Galaxyrider with Magrider or Sunderer
  10. Nowan123

    It's a freaking ETA. That's ESTIMATED Time (of Arrival). If they take 4 hours, that's kinda bs, but you can't expect them to tell you exactly which second they turn them on, can you?
  11. salembeats

    lol at the implication that this isn't affecting the test server as well.

    game error g99.
  12. TNSxMichael

    Just got home from work , I have like 20 hours left for my exp booster and I though it will be a great time to use this booster for the last time guess I was wrong:cool:
  13. FliegerPanzer

    I play War Thunder as well sometimes and they EXACTLY do shoot down and turn on servers when they say, and this happens rarely and for short time.
  14. Barny

    There is this little thing called communication. There are the open minded, fan friendly way to handle such an issue and the SOE way. First one means posting here a similar message 5 minutes before the end of the ETA: "Sorry ladies and gents, encountered a technical issue, most definitely servers go live in X minutes, if not, we will keep you updated".

    And there is the SOE way ->
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  15. Mormomboy

    Status: 2/11/2014 6:06 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled maintenance.
    Is this supposed to say PT or PST. Everywhere else it is PT. Not a big deal, just was noticing that.
  16. Mormomboy

    The funny thing about this update is people are flocking to the Forums, especially Road Map. I keep getting comments and likes on stuff that has been there over a week, but people have nothing else to do so they ran to the forums.

    If only we could get this kind of involvement without shutting the servers down.
  17. Undeadmatter

    Me be sleeping. Wakes up... Feels strong urge to play Planetside 2. Turns computer on. Patches, hasn't played in a long time. Disappointment... :(
  18. OffAtTheKnees

    Hardware upgrade should not affect DB content or software, so hopefully, it's quick and painless. Of course, it's been almost three hours, so I guess we'll see.
  19. ZeroErrorz

    sooo when does the infil update comin
  20. Barny

    Unless something goes bad and they have to restore the DB. :)