Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. embercole

    Been 15 minutes so far after clicking login on Mattherson. Hopefully just a fluke. I have faith SOE will have things ironed out soon.

    Also Luperza, why do they have only you managing forum posts? Seems like a lot of the anger comes from poor response time, but since you seem to be the only one who responds to forum posts maybe additional staff could alleviate the problem.
  2. N30F1ST

    I have been having log in issues. I select my character and it just says "logging in" indefinitely.
  3. Goretzu

    In fairness it does seem to have fixed the post-patch login problem. :)
  4. tuz

    Will my WDS points scored between now and the grant be counted? What happens if I unlock the 200/800 point rewards between now and then? Will I get the rewards again? Will I keep them if I do get them?
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  5. Hirengurth

    lol i logged off with 100 to go because i was up way too late and had to be semi-alive for work today... not happy pushed my play time more than i should have because i was getting a good flow of points trying to get some unknown reward but, i was hoping for something decent for the work it took. 0 pts is clearly a better reward lol. now i can go get 6 more 1 hr boosts....

    all my ******** aside i understand issues happen. Disappointment of players losing progress they earned is not pleasant. well will just have to see what they plan on doing.
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  6. DaddyDustin18

    Also what Tuz said, but I would like a know an estimated time of when the points will be granted back. I worked for a few days to get around the 1400 mark, I believe I was somewhere around there before the update happened. I come back after the servers came back up and it was back at zero. Hopefully we will get those points back with enough time to get to our 2000 mark for the week is over with. If we can't get those points back before the next week of preseason starts, can we get those points to roll over into the next week or something?
  7. dirtYbird

    I dunno about after patch day but its seems to be taking an long time to log in each attempt atm.
  8. BlackDove

    Ok, since I don't feel like going through 21 pages of nonsense, and it doesn't clearly say anywhere I could find it:

    Is the "grant" automatic, or do you have to submit a ticket or some BS like that?
  9. Pootisman

    When will this grant happen? I hope very soon, because this WDS season ends on friday. (I had 1957 points on my VS char and >800 on my other 2, now all points are reset to 0 :/)
  10. ncDieseL

    Question. If I did get my points back, would they be added to my current total? And if in doing that I went from say 240 points to 2000+ points would I automatically be given the Tier 2 & 3 rewards?
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  11. ncDieseL

    I like that fact that people are so worried about their points they have completely overlooked the fact that the reset means you can now earn twice as many rewards in 1 week. I'll have my points back just after I've unlocked Tier 2 again, which should automatically unlock Tier 3, which means I would have unlocked 5 rewards in 1 week :D

    No rush to fix this issue SOE, if you could just reset my points in the middle of next week, so I can get 6x rewards next week too, that would be grand!
  12. Pootisman

    I only got single use camos as reward at tier 1 and 2, i dont need these. Im only interested in the tier 3 reward which can be a 1 day 50% xp boost or even a golden NS PDW from what i heard. But reaching the 2000 WDS points for tier 3 takes many hours, i was very close (1947 on VS char, ~1000 on others) before the DB update, now all chars are reset to 0. I dont want to start at 0 again. I probably dont have time to play that much before the season ends on friday.
  13. ncDieseL

    The rewards are the same for all 3 tiers, they are selected randomly. Meaning you've got an equal chance of getting the NS PDW at Tier 1 & Tier 3.
  14. Pootisman

    But i got 3 single use camos at tier 1 and 5 at tier 2. There must be some kind of progression. Whats the point of having 3 tiers when all tiers have the same "quality"?
  15. ncDieseL

    That's what a lot of people thought, but so far the rewards appear to have been random.
  16. Cookie5000

    Need Glasses? NO GAME CHANGES
  17. Archiadus

    Any chance of there being some more detailed information about what's going to happen to all of us that lost our personal WDS points yet ?
  18. Luperza Community Manager

    Can you provide me with anymore details? What exactly is happening? When is the moment that you are getting a long log-in time? Before character select? After? If after, what server are you trying to log into? Thanks!

    To all of the above and anyone else coming here in regards to WDS Point loss! We'll have full details when we do the automatic grant. We are hoping to do this during the update downtime.

    We have tallied up the lost WDS Points that everyone had prior to the DB Maintenance and you should be granted that full amount when we do the grant. As I stated prior, we'll have more details when I can provide them.
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  19. BlackDove

    Thank you for the quick response!
  20. dirtYbird

    its Briggs and when changing characters, yesterday it was taking longer than normal with logging just spinning.
    Changing characters on Connery didnt suffer the same delay.

    On Briggs(and no doubt others) the delay is a pain because of the ~2hr CTD's/ 96%Green Screens.
    So if you are near the end of an alert and are sitting at about 2hrs played you are better logging off early and trying to get back in, rather than letting the game CTD and then having to suffer through an extended log in and missing any points earned the previous 2hrs of the alert.

    The real test is after tonight's patch because I guess the fix was for reducing log in issues after patch deployments.