Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. cobrakhan5

    BR 100 Auraxium member here to say .... WTF .....

    I actually try to carve out time from real life, to complete the objectives set before me and now the WDS points vanish?
    I have only a few more hours of objectives to complete as in a few hundred more WDS and now Instead of spending time finishing the 2,000 WDS i am logging off the game and saying WTF.... and writing this potentially pointless forum post, informing of my predicament. But even if I had been given the chance to finish the WDS objective would it even be worth all this BS(********)??? I am going to assume I will be sorely dissapointed =( . Please for the love of God make the game worthwhile for those of us that have paid money into the game..... I have paid money into other games such as Magic the Gathering Tactics to have you shut down the game completely come March and i am out my time and money..... still pissed about that by the way. Sony you are losing my confidence...... get your **** together. I am not the only one who is starting to dissaprove. I awill eventually start advocating against you.
  2. cobrakhan5

    And I should not have to go chasing you guys down when you have issues with your server....... again wasting my time,.
  3. cobrakhan5

    I also usually take alot of **** from you guys cause I am a business major and I know issues arise..... BUT A GOOD COMPANY WILL SEE THE PROBLEM AND CORRECT IT and not lose customer retention in the process.... OMG
  4. El3ktron

    At least, SOE has always been good in doing one thing: disappointing me.
    I had 1600 WDS and now...0.
  5. Luperza Community Manager

    We're aware of the WDS Point loss issue. We will be granting you the points back as stated in the "Known Issues" on the original post. I'll have more details at a later date regarding when that grant will go through.

    Thank you for patience.
  6. Luperza Community Manager

    Not sure what this is in regards to. The servers are up right now. Are you having issues?

    We're always working to correct problems. This thread is actually doing that. We had a lot of players having log-in issues and we resolved that with this DB Hardware Maintenance. Is there another problem you are speaking about? Please let me know!
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  7. Pyrode

    Same here all my wds is gone.
    Oh well...
  8. kadney

    Regarding the WDS points: Sad panda, i stopped at ~1980 WDS on my TR and VS character each, waiting for the WDS changes.. :( :(

    Edit: NVM, i see you guys are working at it. Hope you can fix it. :)
  9. theghostofwar

    you know what guys cut SOE a break this is one of my 2 favorite games i play period if you guys ***** about stuff but dont tell them in detial whats wrong they cant fix it i for one love them and will continue to support them as long as planetside 2 is alive if you want to see a company that really doesnt give a damn look at big point they bot all their answers to you and if you say something against them that they cant bot a message for they ban you from the forums you can call people any word in the book but if you say anything about them thats bad they chat ban you in game and they dont care atleast here we get some one willing to listen to you ******** and try to help big point tho doesnt they just dont care they tried steeling they tried ignoring there players and instead of fixing game breaking issues EVERYONE WAS HAVING they just kept making new skins for your ships and guess what they lost all their players and every single one of us old players boycott them like the plague
  10. willowstyle

    had wds 1600 pts, wanted to finish the 2000 this evening.. now 0 pts

    want a good idea? give all character the next step of their old wds points for free.
    mean: i had 1600pts before reset, give me the 3rd wds reward (2000pts) for free and keep actual reseted wds pts (i took 60 pts this evening) with same rewards.
  11. LordMondando

    All the wds points got wiped form lots of peoples characters. Mine also.
  12. DeadlyPeanutt

    well, the good news is i was able to log in after the patch...
  13. Luperza Community Manager

    As stated before, we're aware of the WDS Point loss issue. We will be granting you the points back as stated in the "Known Issues" on the original post. I'll have more details at a later date regarding when that grant will go through.

    Thank you for patience.
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  14. Krinkels

    Typical fantasies from a Vanu, utterly brain washed by their psychopath Leader, along with the fact that you need such technology to even hold you own against us Terrans and the Conglomerate. The fact that we use traditional projectiles proves that we do not need such tech and we gladly show you by the ways of full auto and heavy metals. Also implying that the Terran Republic is like the Samurai is inaccurate and illogical due to the fact that the samurai are nothing but legend and history. The Republic is still here and continues to educate Vanu warriors by the way of gunpowder, successfully I may add at that.
  15. Krinkels

    I had no problems logging in other then the WDS points missing everything else was efficient and without error. Keep up the good work! <3
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  16. Sgabinato

    I lost WDS point on my 3 character, seems a joke, on a character after reaching 800 WDS I received as a gift a weapon that already had .. peace .... now lost all WDS point ... :(
  17. blueangleofdeath

    Besides having the WDS point problem the login time was really low for me on miller :) You get a +1 from me team ;)
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  18. StonedWanderer

    I don't get all the complaining, this is way better service than you get from a company like Rockstar, and this company hasn't even taken money from me. You kiddies need to simmer down...reading these posts is pathetic.
  19. Nocturnal7x


    It didn't work.
  20. chrisarn94

    Any ETA yet on news about getting our points back? By the way, as long as I'm here, I haven't been having any recent login troubles.