Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. gobbybobby

    dam half day at uni, was looking forward to getting some extra time in when I get back, but nooo, downtime :(
  2. sucoon

    No it means "Deutsche Bahn" it will ever come to late
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  3. Serafine

    The Saga of Serverdowntimeside continues in the EU. Well, at least it is for a really good reason this time, so I can live with it.
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  4. 4nother3ntity

    Where do people get this idea that online games and the internet are stable and reliable?
  5. Libpilot

    Just a thought but is there not an obvious soloution to reducing the load on the Login servers? I have to spend about 5 minutes hamering the Login servers each day just to cycle all 6 of my characters to get my 48 certs, why not do this automatically when a player logs in to one of his characters?
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  6. Nailhimself

    I always said the database needs a decent buff.
  7. DK22

    How long do these things usually take anyways? hour? 2, 3....
  8. PrimePriest

    Screw up and give double XP.

    People need some opportunity to spend their hordes of WDS boosts :D
  9. Diilicious

    I just tried to log on and found my character wasnt there :|

    I hope this announcement is why that is, if it doesnt come back... I.. might cry..
  10. deggy

    Typically characters are "missing" after updates for a bit. Don't panic yet.
  11. Hicksimus

    SSSSwwweeeetttttt! This will be a welcome change to every patch day.
  12. Orosian

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  13. 5RoadKill5

    Certainly hope so :confused:
  14. Avior

    Guess that explains why the game kept crashing when trying to launch it.
  15. Predator01cz

    I'm looking for the double XP too

    After all I got 9 one hour boosts to spend from the WDS so far.
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  16. Xikini

    Normally the dev's will state how long it takes in the original post.
    Update should take around 2.5-3 hours.
    Update started 1.5 hours ago, so at the time of this post the games should be up and running in 1-1.5 hours.
    Hope that helps. :)
  17. Zerky

    "Alert incoming in 2:00 minutes'' :)

    10 seconds later: o_O

    '' Server is going down for scheduled maintenance in 15:00 minutes " :eek:

    :mad: *R A W R* :mad:
  18. ByteKnight2

    Well I had 3,000,000 Certs! Better get them all back :rolleyes:
  19. B3cker

    I just hope I don't loose all my certs. Freaking took ages to collect 'em and I saved them for thursday, don't *** it up SOE.
  20. Mr night

    Would it not be bether to fix the random Massive Skipping/Rubberbanding Lag Issues instead? i think most preffere a smooth gaming infront of short loggin time!