Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. JaySon

    when i try to login there is an error message " SocketError:Host Not Found (11001) - " ios that a cause of the server downtime or is my PS2 broke? :/ - Sorry, if thats a stupid question :eek: :D
  2. BrianJ2

    Luperza, you should ask SOE to make a cache of your characters stored locally so posts like this won't come up again.
  3. Ulviirala

    Almost 6 hours now, you made it happen... it's bad mojo to call it before it happens! Well, thanks a lot! ; -(
  4. JaySon

    when i try to login there is an error message " SocketError:Host Not Found (11001) - " ios that a cause of the server downtime or is my PS2 broke? :/ - Sorry, if thats a stupid question :eek: :D
  5. Ryker

    Yes double xp lets get er done I still need 5k more certs till im satisfied with all my stuff ;)
  6. Xandax

    They could easily be once in a while to not target the same customer segments time frame over and over with their increasing amount of downtime.

    But I digress - they're not interested in our money and subscriptions.
  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Doing a live sanity check on our servers internally, so it may take a little longer. ETA is updated and I'll continue to keep you all informed. :D
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  8. triangle

    You are not able to read, are you? It still says "Locked" for all the servers...
  9. imfabiohello

  10. Gursuay

    yess double xp is good idea and also more certs :rolleyes:
  11. TK2317

    It's been waaaaaay too long, I can barely control my urge to repair everything around me @_@
  12. ARIES666

    I'm planetside2 addict, please heeelp:D
  13. Strikejk

  14. Snidered

    not at all... its made by the guy in the video, and kinda amusing
  15. Wafflepancake

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  16. Bankrotas

    Fine, ok, bringing discussion here. Considering, that your server downtime drags on for 5 hours + usually way more. Yes. You do destroy any primetime play for EU players.

    Consider this. You just lose russian audience and Easter European audience from this timeframe. It's 21:43 and servers are still locked. Furthermore, even with "log in upgrades" servers will be so overloaded, that majority of EU players won't be able to play for least 1-2 hours more, hence making EU primetime unplayable.

    It would be all fine and dandy, if your updates wouldn't screw that often too. So how about separating EU and US server updates on separate times so we could calmly play and wait for update over night. That would also reduce pressure on servers probably and actually reduce complaints about servers being down.
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  17. imfabiohello

  18. Gursuay

    ı clean my computer 2 times deeply, thinking about the third one :mad: open the serversss..
  19. Krinkels

    Says the Vanu soldier who has to rely on alien technology to bolster their military, We Terran's are confident in our traditional weaponry and don't need to rely on extra terrestrial weapons to get the job done. Also your leader is bat**** insane.
  20. JackD

    Yes, EU Prime Time is not during this period. But the norm is that the patch wont be at time, therefor the Server will be down at prime time.. This happens more often than not. Additionally EU prime time gets cut down with other stuff like 12hour server maintenance to fix problems that also cut into playing time. I fully understand that it just isnt possible to to always be on time.

    But also you should understand that you are a company that is dealing with paying customers and going for apologies instead of solutions is what triggers indemnificationa in a row of european countrys.
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