Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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    While I wait I'm dying laughing!
    Oh my god! ahahahaha I'm crying!

    You should definitely see it ahhahha!
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    /changes account to Bl00dZeus O'droptables
  5. Kazzah

    Thanks for the info.
  6. imfabiohello

    good thing men
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  8. RIctavius

    you silly person, this is a hardware upgrade - it's going to longer - NOT A PATCH
  9. RIctavius

    Hardware upgrade takes time, sh be patience or have dinner
  10. pulse

    Suckz for you to be the middle man/woman in this mess.

    But hey why don't you jump on your stream and play a game that actually works to entertain us? :D

    just kidding ;) frustrated vanu is frustrated!

    <3 pulse
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    I just started playing a few days ago and since today was a snow day (no work) I was looking forward to playing a bit. I can understand an upgrade taking a while but double the time anticipated and more is kind of ridiculous. I guess it's a give and take since the game is free (for those that didn't pay for premium membership anyway). Looking forward to getting back on soon...
  13. Aramarys

    Thank god
  14. Shoe

    Steams sales are 40% Western Europe to 41% North America, so the potential is definitely there for equal revenue. If SOE get significantly more money from the US it is probably because a fair proportion of European players are on the Prosieben system, which doesn't have the Player Studio yet. Which, you know, is another issue of how SOE operates rather than European players genuinely not being as financially valuable to SOE.
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  15. Goretzu

    Pretty sure it was 2.5 hours orginally :confused: (and must be over 5 hours now), but I guess it takes what it takes, just a shame it's always running over EU Prime Time. :(
  16. Butteryaids

    People need to stop complaining, patches and updates are the only way a game can improve and be more fun for everyone. I can wait a few hours if it means the game will be more fun for me and other players.
  17. Zerky

    Shouldn't the servers be up already?
  18. imfabiohello

    reason why playing planetside 2 onley
  19. innersphere1

    LOL 20.16 cet still down... sure man that was scheduled.
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