Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Salojin

    That's atrocious.

    Both of these are valid concerns, but I can't help but think those are issues that could have been dealt with by locally managed servers in or around the regions played in. But I'm not a network wizard, I'm just guessing how this Al Gore voodoo internet thing works.

    Either way, the five hour mark has fifty minutes to go, and if SOE's hardware guys can find their ***(sets) with both hands, we should be in good shape. We'll see.
  2. imfabiohello

    probably they are they just 4 hours to coffee drinking and 1 hour fixing:p
  3. 1Pointtowin

    what does it all mean? why is it taking sooo long?
  4. Bl00dZeus

    Downtime ETA: 9 hours
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  5. 1Pointtowin

    someone has to get it why not the EU

    I am sure North America is the main source of revenue stream most updates will be centered around that info.
  7. Snidered

    roll out at 6am pt for usa, 3pm pt for eu servers... problem solved...
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  8. Latex

    11 am, is 5 hours from 6 am PT. shouldn't the servers be up
  9. imfabiohello

    I'm telling you to coffee drinking
  10. 1Pointtowin

    good point!
  11. Sweeperkaas

  12. Barny

    Sorry, I made the assumption that SOE would adjust the downtime for each region to have the least impact on the players. My bad... :(
  13. Goretzu

    1. There is no way 3pm - 8pm CET is the global downtime (most other MMO including SOE ones usually do it at around 11am - Noon CET) - which unsuprisingly is EXACTLY the time that PS2 shows it's lowest point of loggings on the player sites.

    2. It is ALWAYS europe (not randomly someone) that gets the smelling end of the patch times, many MMOs even split regional patch times (although if they did it at 11am CET this would be less of an issue).
  14. Luperza Community Manager

    Yep! I am gathering intel!

    It looks like our DB Maintenance is complete and we'll be starting to open up the servers soon. Rejoice Auraxians! :D
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  15. Covah

    Damn i'm so glad i canceled my sub :D
  16. Lazureus

    Thankfully I do have other things to do during downtime.. It is just funny the day after I finally get back into playing, it goes into maintenance.. Oi..
  17. hippysweat

    well I hope they hurry up and get it back up I just started playing yesterday and I really enjoyed it.
  18. imfabiohello

    it is now the umpteenth time that its begin to be funn:D
  19. RedGreenGeek

    Well DB, would hold everybody's account info, as unlocks, certs etc. So it could turn all kinds of pear shaped knowing SOE.
  20. Ryker

    Yes there estimated time is up , 11 minutes past it should be up with in the next couple minutes..

    I think what SOE needs to do for estimated times is to schedule for problems so they have a dead line they can actual meet or beat and make players perception improve.
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