Server Downtime 01.22.2013

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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    The servers will come down at 5:30 PM PT for a small update to address a few outstanding servers issues. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 90 minutes. Notes will be made available shortly.
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  2. RadarX Community Relations

    Players may note the following changes:

    A number of Server and Client stability optimizations have been made.
    The Heavy Assault Shield should no longer fail to work after respawning.
    The Deployment screen now features top defensive locations on the continent as respawn points.
    Instant Action will now send players to areas with more combat.
    New players will now be placed at a spawn point in a battle instead of being drop podded in.


    These aircraft are now easier to lock-on to with anti-air missles. By default you can lock on to them 1 second faster. This means it requires 2.5 seconds to lock on to an ESF and 1.5 seconds to lock-on to a Liberator/Galaxy.
    Lock on rockets and missiles should now hit more frequently and are harder to dodge.

    Lock-on weapons can only be avoided by the following:
    • Flares
    • Forcing the missile to hit something else
    • Outrunning it which requires you to be distant and burn a lot of fuel
    • A very near miss which should be very challenging
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  3. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    We're working on an issue with base turrets not doing damage correctly. We'll have it fixed up ASAP.
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  4. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    Base turrets are now fixed on all servers.
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