Server Disconnect Issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nighda Venesis, Aug 5, 2022.

  1. Nighda Venesis

    I believe this started yesterday for me. I was playing as usual when I was suddenly kicked from the server (Cobalt) on a continent I can't quite remember, but today it just happened on Oshur. The error message asks me to validate the game files, which I did the first time it happened from the launcher, which told me everything was fine, and I was promptly kicked again after some time playing. Hopefully this helps solve whatever's happening.
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  2. Shani

    I do have the same Problem on Cobalt. Yesterday everything was fine. Today i already got kicked 5 Times. Everytime i Validate the Gamefiles, Every Time 17 files failed and being downloaded again.
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  3. OGLeadFarmer

    Same here. Got tossed twice
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  4. Leri

    Same issue on Cobalt

    Data out of sync, please validate game files.

    Upon validating game files there are no errors.

    This first happened on Fri Aug 5 and has happened 5 times so far. Since the last update / hotfix
  5. Shani

    Just happened again. Verified the Files again. Again 17 files failed to validate. Download of 20.9 mb.
  6. Tr34

    I have the same problem on Cobalt. It happens about 2-3 times per day, I think it's related to the latest patch.
    I remember PS2 had a similar but in the past but it was fixed.
  7. Leri

    Server: Cobalt

    Just happened again for the second time today, I did a validation before I started the game and after the Data out of sync and had no errors.

    **** Starting at Sat Aug 6 20:56:48 2022 with plug-in ****
    5244-00:00:01:Checking game installation...
    5244-00:00:01:All files are up to date
    5244-00:00:08:Checking all game files...
    5244-00:00:16:All files are up to date
  8. Jx9000

    Same here, Cobalt and Miller
  9. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    Thank you everyone, we are taking a look into this issue.
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  10. Leri

    This issue is still on going with 2 disconnects today.

    Can any explanation be given as to the cause? and is this being looked in to and is there a fix?
  11. Nighda Venesis

    This update seems to have fixed it for me. I played for 2h40min and not one single kick.