Serpent or Pulsar C?

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  1. LightNeZz

    They both cost 650 certs but i do not know which one to choose.
  2. BlueSkies

    Pulsar C is great for range

    Serpent is a beast in close quarters

    Choose according to your playstyle
  3. SwornJupiter

    If you can aim, then always Pulsar C> Serpent.
    Seriously, that is a headshot machine.
  4. Ballto21

    the serpent is one of the best shotguns

    **** i mean smgs



    its not a carbine, its a bullet hose. If you can aim decently it will **** bullets down range almost as good as a shotgun

    LS on it makes it an SMG, but its a one trick pony. If you even try to push it out of its effective range a little bit, you probably wont be able to secure the kill unless its fancy gunmanship on your part.

    The pulsar gives me spergon. I have about average aim, but even at 50-70 meters you can easily pop off nerds with bursting it.

    It is one of the most controllable carbines in game, and if you shove a grip and compensator (only gun i ever compensate) you can endlessly farm nerds and can hold your own in CQC. You need to have decent aim though

    If i had to choose, id throw the serpent in the incinerator from portal one and use the pulsar C
  5. Scorpion97

    Dude,why are you comparing apples to oranges?pulsar C is certainly my play style but don't put the AFG on it,iridar somehow proved that it INCREASES the horizontal recoil and doesn't decrease it :eek:

    However,try to get the eclipse,you will like it
  6. SwornJupiter

    I don't think you understand what the saying 'comparing apples to oranges' really means...
    These are two carbines he wants opinions on - hence they are of the same 'species'.
    Pls Scorpion...
  7. Celeris

    It doesn't increase the horizontal recoil from shot to shot, that decreases as expected.

    What it does do though is mean there is a chance the gun will kick wider to one side as it now takes 1 more shot to reach the maximum lateral recoil extent but when it does reach that lateral maximum extent, it will take it a bit wider than the recoil would go without the AFG. This means that with extended fire, the recoil has a chance to cover a wider lateral angle than without, but from shot to shot, the lateral recoil is less.

    From my own experience with ~4k kills with the weapon, I very much prefer it with the fore-grip than without.
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  8. SteelMantis

    It depends on what you are doing really.

    For me, mostly playing combat engineer, the Serpent is better then the Pulsar C. I usually operate inside buildings where I can take advantage of the higher DPS on the Serpent.

    The Pulsar C is also a fine weapon. It really shines on a LA outdoors since they are more often at range and don't have a lot of good options for long distance fighting.
  9. Liewec123

    i've not tried pulsar, but Serpent kicks all kind of booty!
  10. UberNoob1337101

    Serpent is awesome, but if you can afford it get VX6-7 instead. Shorter reload, better hip-fire and ADS accuracy for a bit shorter RoF. VX6-7 is a bit more forgiving and noob-friendly, which is why I suggest it, because until you get good with the Serpent, it's not going to be fun using it. If you're self-confident and if you're good, by all means choose Serpent, but VX6-7 is a nice option too.

    Pulsar C is a medium range gun, you should use it as a close-mid range carbine instead of a long range one, because except for the damage per round, everything else makes it a close-mid range carbine (mostly because CoF bloom screws you up big time, and the hip-fire is awesome and you get almost nothing if you use HVA, while other mid-range carbines get 80+ m/s bullet velocity).

    Pick up both, they're both good, but if you like CQC get Serpent (or VX6-7) but if you like mid-range get Pulsar C.
  11. Pat22

    While the VX6-7 is my favorite VS carbine and has some nice upsides over the Serpent, I would never say that it is easier to use than the Serpent. It has some pretty nasty First Shot Recoil and just in general, the recoil is much harder to deal with compared to the Serpent. It severely limits the range of the carbine depending on how good you are at handling it.
    It still remains an amazing hipfire weapon, though. That can be said about the Serpent too, however.
  12. Scorpion97

    Seriously you didn't get what I mean?!!he is comparing a Long range carbine with a CQC one which is why I said so!!a fair comparison should be between 2 CQC carbines or 2 long range ones

    Stop with the dumb phrases!
  13. Scorpion97


    However,it all depends on the user playstyle,it may or may not suit him
  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    Serpent or Pulsar C?

    how about both?

    In my VS toon, I run a CQC config with serpent/AI turret and a mid range config with pulsarC/AV turret.... why own only one?
  15. Grunt_Alpha

    I personally prefer the Pulsar C, I found myself running out of bullet too quickly with the serpent. Chose the one that suits your play-style and make sure to try both in VR before spending your certs.