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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    i admit i already only play on and off with periods of time not being active for months
    but seeing the PTS changes coming to live i have less and less interest and desire to keep playing

    MAX being nerfed only for veteran anti infantryfarmers to be used ... ESFs getting buffed against lock on surviveability when Airhammers and banshees already instagib you ...

    why should i keep playing this game that claims to be about comined arms when its ballance becomes absolute scrap? ...

    generally impotent G2A
    impotent AA secondaries on ESF
    litteraly wristpaininducing flightcontrols
    impotent and limited infantry antivehicle options
    impotent MAX but in funneling positions against infantry
    limited vehicle and aircraft turretoptions NSO even lacks on its MBT and heavy aircraft

    the only way to play this game by now is infantry v infantry in confined bases
    or vehicle v vehicle ... ... or getting farmed by aircraft i suppose ...

    construction will likely be butchered as well and i don´t know how many hours i wasted certfarming for that scrap and Maxoptions ....
    yea GG to catering purely to vets and tryhards leaving casuals, noviceplayers and beginners in the dust ...

    KD and KPM ultimately is all that matters folks ...
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  2. Necrocio

    Ok a tip,i know is frustrating,but try to stay away from the game and take real life issues primordially,at the end is just a game. Play another game or have vacation desintoxice from inet and you will see things different. Personal experience. I know playing the same and same over and over must be a hell. But this game is a game of war,you know that happen in ucraine? Things are real there. So please,take It as it is,a game and thats all. If course weirdos are weirdos but you what can you do. They hide behind a screen. In real life things are different. So be thankful you have a console,a house,a life,a country without war. Be thankful of your famility is with health,someday your parents will die,that is what you can put nervous. Noone will love you as your parents. Just a reminder.

    More also,i think to not return to the planetside 2 game,if you lose interest in this game,welcome to adult team. If i return to this game is because of FUN. A game must be fun to you,not negative. So stay away from the game a time,and return,if you consider,to the game.
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  3. GreyGun

    Same here - I resubbed last summer when we got all this new content. I just wanted to give the devs a thumbs up for their great work. But now I canceled again a couple of weeks ago. That's why:

    Age old problems:
    A2G spam is still just plain annoying (looking at you, Banshee).
    Allowing an invisible Flash to equip a shotgun is just stupid and frustrating on the receiving end.

    New problems:
    First the shotgun nerf and now the second NC Max nerf in a row is pushing me over the edge.
    Missions for members are just laughable right now - let me tell you a secret: I do not need more Certs - instead I want to get a little extra for my money, feel special, you know? The old Missions gave me just that.

    I know that it's a hard job having shipped a couple of games myself. But pushing people to adopt a certain playstyle is a bad idea IMHO - especially while catering to some very special interest groups (did I mention the invisible Flash?).

    I really hope things will come to a good end - the game and the community deserves it!
  4. waystin2

    Tougher to lock on anti-air is probably the worst idea I have seen. I had multiple Mosq's sitting at edge of visual range shooting rockets at infantry last night. You can't hit them with the cross-eyed skyguards or bursters. Same thing with Lib's they just sit just under the moon and lob shells down on a base or target. How about even up the distances? The aircraft weapons should be effective at same ranges that lock on or anti-air weapons are effective. If you want to shoot, then you must be in danger. As far as the maxes their needs to be a balance to the HS multiplier nerf. Right now anyone with C4 or a devastator can help you spend your 350 resources fairly quickly. Oh wait we can all sit in the spawn room where it is safe! LOL
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  5. Kentucky Windage

    The Patch Notes did mention they would be monitoring the changes to MAX gameplay. I roll with the punches and deal with changes. If they nerf one platform I use something else. Might take me a little while to figure out what that new something is but I usually find something eventually. Who knows maybe this is a precursor to removing the MAX completely. Might even get me out of my MAX into an MBT. Have yourself a good day there OP. It'll work itself out.
  6. JibbaJabba

    I know a lot of people were having fun doing it but maxes were really ****** for players to face. It wasn't a fun-fun encounter like other infantry tends to be. This or something similarly bold needed to happen.

    The airgame is a mess and could also use bold action. CAI also left infantry and vehicle play completely lopsided. Actual invisible players in a PVP never got balanced right.

    A crutch in the hands of someone with good legs is just a weapon. Fun will still be had with less of this 'weapon'.
  7. waystin2

    I ran my crutch (lol) max out last night a few times. Killed a few, died a few times as well. The lower resource cost makes up for the no revive in my opinion. The headshot Multiplier being lowered is noticeable. There needs to be a balance to this change. Maybe a higher rate of fire? Little more damage?
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    the ENTIRE thing is a mess with how it more an more removes plattforms to be capable to operate in various areas
    it removed infantry to be able to operate outside bases
    it effectively removed MAXes to take part in combat for casual players, yes the MAX needs a rework but NOT the way with this patch
    instead of offering flexibility with weapon and loadoutchoices for ALL platforms the game hard limits were you can play ...

    the "fun still to be had" becomes less and less overall ...
    and for me personally reached a low point
  9. AuricStarSand

    Everything said another person would say the opposite.

    For example I only die from A2G 0.1% of the time, yet someone here is saying that's a age old problem.
    Same goes for Shotgun Flash 0.01% of the time.
    & Shotguns are a mixed review weapon.

    If anything it's not my infantry main having a issue with ESF's, it's my Harraser trying to juke ESF's during low pop regions. As my Harasser isn't able to juke esf's even if I flip around mountain trails, well if other ground vehicles are bringing me to low hp first, if not, then I may be able to juke the esf. My infantry is fine, just find a good 24vs24 or 48vs48 and most ESF won't even be able to fly near that fight.

    Max is obviously a testing phase with this no ress. As for testing the new max, I'd say I die too easy, yet it's 350 nanites so I suppose that's justifiable. Yet I still die too easy even if it's 350. So the max requires 10 to 20% more armor.

    The pro to no ress, is theirs less max's acting as immovable walls. Just max's are dying too easily now, I'd maybe make max's 300 if they won't buff the armor.

    As for OP saying limited and impotent AV options for infantry, idk. I tend to find sticking 2 c4 on a flash soooo easy to kill most tanks with, I almost feel sorry for the tanks. Even without the flash, just ambusher jetting a tank, usually the MBT always dies if I set the goal to hunt.

    Theirs also a good amount of people who do use HA launchers. People who kamikazee with mines. I know as the best Harasser driver of my server, theirs enough AV, that everyone shoots your whip as soon as you arrive.

    Ant builders have already dealt with everything imaginable. Theirs nothing the devs would be able to do to building that would make anything worst, so theirs only possibility for improvement. Whither they impress builders I don't know, yet theirs only room for improvement, be that little else better.

    As for the last patch I got what I wanted, " Hermes Cloak " I get to knife at run speeds I enjoy. I still wish their was 2 version of hermes, one for a primary weapon that is the version they have, smg style. and a 2nd version with even 10% more run speed with no primary yet only a pistol, that's more for knifers. As I'd trade no primary for even more run speed.

    As for playing this game seriously, it's 10 years old game, steady yes, better than Diablo 4? Yes. Still 10 years tho, the days of being too picky were 2 years ago. Now it's just a casual game for most of us.

    & this isn't just PS2, all MMO's, just look at Lazy Peons last video. It's literally about treating real life as a mmo and how spending too much time MMORPG'ing may be unhealthy. Which is what I figured out for 2023 even before he made this video. It's a year of reflection for mmorpg players maybe all gamers, to yes enjoy games, yet maybe not be stuck matrix style glued to our seats for the rest of our lives. Enjoy the spirit of strategy and play, yet venture outside too.

    If they do add anything to this game for the next year, I'd suggest teamwork features. Anything that improves teamwork. Be that teamwork for DM mode bases. Teamwork events. Teamwork pub squad features. Silo features may sort of help. Personally I just want more Rock Bridges & TI Alloy nature fights. Tall grass south of TI Alloys. Then Jungle forests similar to shattered warpgate with more trees. With spawn rooms for infantry so the trees don't need ant silos to set shop for a glorified jungle fight.
  10. MonnyMoony

    If they wanted to make Max non revivable (something i'm not averse to) - why not just make it a vehicle class?

    The revivability of the Max was there to offset;
    • the high cost
    • slow speed
    • the fact it can be instagibbed by roadkill cheese wraith flashes
    • the fact that they trigger both AV and AI mines
    • the fact they cannot equip composite armour (unlike flashes, harassers and ESFs)
    • the fact that (certainly for AA max) they give up almost all capability against other unit types - which isn't true for something like a skyguard lightning, MBT or an AA loadaout HA.
    Maxes are now the worst aspects of infantry and vehicles combined - and still cost more than most combat units in the game except MBTs and Libs.

    IMO - the following changes should be implemented.
    1. Make Maxes act similar to flashes from a road kill perspective. Give them mass and make them damage other vehicles in the event of a crash. A wraith flash hitting a max at speed should die or at least suffer as much damage as the max does.
    2. Give them a composite armour option, so they can protect against both direct and indirect damage.
    3. Give them a secondary weapon option. Maybe a shoulder mounted hardpoint that can fit lighter versions of the standard max weapons (a bit like how the harasser can fit lighter variants of MBT weapons)
    4. Give maxes an "evade" capability - which gives them a speed boost, like the old xax charge used to, but which disables weapons whilst active and has a second or two cooldown after it has been used before weapons come back online (to limit it's offensive capability).
  11. JibbaJabba

    ...or just delete maxes.

    They're only here because they were in Planetside 1. They worked there, here they don't.
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  12. TR5L4Y3R

    right let´s do the obvious cop out way for when something isn´t ballanced easily ... just take away the content!
    ... how bout we delete dalton libs and esfs then too? how bout we delete cloaksniper infils, hesh tanks and halbert harassers?
    you know all the things that p-i-s-s off any player on the reciving end .. ... instead of ... oh don´t know offer the propper soft and hardcounteroptions against such playstyles and maybe just nerf mentioned above threads in capability slightly but significantly enough..
    like daltonlibs and halbertharrasers rather not oneshotting non-flaksuit infantry but being the dedicated AV weapon they are meant to be .. adding a slightly longer decloakduration to infils since the latencyissues seem to not be fixable ... adding more AV/antiarmor options to infantry in general and slightly buff the already existing options such as AV grenades, unbarrel grenadelaunchers and ..

    you already have your CoD style pure infantryplay within confined bases ... let us others of access to more variety than just that ..
  13. waystin2

    If we take away every toy that pissed off someone or irritated someone or did not fit with their view of the game we would be left with pretty much nothing. I favor balance over loss of content. Do you still play Jibba?
  14. OneShadowWarrior

    A very boring roadmap for this year. I lost interest when they diverted all there energy to construction bases. Total garbage. A game that wasn’t built for it, this is Planeside once again trying to be to many things. Rather go play Rust, 7 Days to Die, Dayz or Scum if I want to build or craft.
  15. JibbaJabba

    Yep. Lots.

    I wouldn't really favor removing maxes but it's pretty clear they are overpowered and seen too often.

    A lot of the unbalanced stuff in the game is distinguished by:
    It's best counter is itself.
    it's best counter requires an over dedication that renders the counter highly vulnerable or limited in scope.

    I think the trick to game balance is nuanced and requires defining the part of the interaction that's not fun. The easy hamfisted solution is the kinda I jokingly suggested: Remove the overpowered thing. But if that's done all we do is transfer the "not fun" from one player to a different player.

    The maxes "thing" that is messed up is the vast gulf in it's power compared to it's playing field. Infantry can shelter from vehicles and air. Maxes are fully engaged and the imbalance is on full display. The imbalance negates most skill differences. You win because... max.

    Nobody really wants to take the fun away from someone else. Some people are living a lie though. They lie and tell themselves that they aren't doing just that when they're in a max suit.
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  16. TR5L4Y3R

    well that´s what taking a role is about though you take any loadout/toolkit that allows you to be good or decent at specifc tasks but less so on others ...

    peoples primary issue with maxes is their obvious AI capability while being bulletsponges ... you round a corner with your AI primary against it be it high capacity lmg or laser aim assaultrifle ... it doesn´t matter, you are dead ...

    the MAX asks you to challange it with anti armor tools like the rocketlauncher, AMRs or typhoon rocklets ... infantry imho for the longest time need broader access to such weapons for all classes to a degree ... and yes depending on the class you should indeed require to dedicate yourself and your loadout/toolkit to what you want to be effective against .. with the heavy assault being the most flexible and the infil the least but still having access to such options ...

    like no kidding no matter what class i play even if it is suboptimal 90% of the time you will see me running around with explosive bolt Hunter crossbow (the other 10% being the emmisary because i just can´t get friendly with about any other secondary be it ES or NS) ... if i had access to AV grenades (and them being fairly effective) as infil and medic i´d take them .. if i had access to the rockletrifle being a primary for infil and medic i´d take that as well ...

    underbarrel grenade launchers may exist but you are sooo very limited in ammo that aside from them being still weak AND hard to aim with it´s just less and less worth it ... adding munitionspouch to increase grenaderounds could go a long way ... as well as buffing their antiarmordamage ...

    ... you know what the joke about all this is? when you chose to play infil and medic over HA, LA and engineer you already dedicate yourself to ONLY being effective against other infantry ... ... ... that´s not to say that the options the other classes have in their current state would be "good" ... they are rather just functional ...
  17. Shadowpikachu

    Maxes arent even that bad, i've been running engi and unless you are alone a small squad can smallarms them down with any C4 or rocket or AM rifle being a dedicated 'skip' button with no chance of revival now.

    NC maxes with their very low TTK got hammered into fairness while still having the close range stuff, any other max if you are outside of breathing room they will take some time to kill you, giving you the fair wiggleroom you needed to do whatever you need to them.

    Maxes good at holding or advancing slowly, if they aren't well positioned they outright get gunned down if not skipped, despite my complaints that medics lost a huge part of their gameplay it worked out decently well for live servers while still being threatening enough to make you think twice at just running full anti-infantry loadout and destroying infantry without a tradeoff because tanks are rarely actually anywhere near the insides of bases.
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  18. Kentucky Windage

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