Seriously, friendly fire needs to go... NOW!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TyphusAlGhoul, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. JokeForgrim

    Me too, its a battlefeild habit i had. Medic Master Race.

    In this game medics only serve to get people up, so they dont have to redeploy. Kind of disappointing really.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    FF is compared vs your gameplay.

    Earning positive points helps negate Grief points. The concept here is that a griefer is not earning points but harassing his team.

    If you're in a tank and not earning squat for 45 minutes and run over 3-5 dudes.... you can get weapon locked.

    Be in a heavy fire fight totally kicking ***, scoring lots of points and run over 10 guys who can't **** of the way of a tank in combat... nothing happens.
  3. forkyar

  4. Fleabag

    Oh fudge me....

    ....if I had just one Smedbux for every single one of these threads. :mad:

    No, friendly fire is fine, it is very much part of the Planetside experience, and it very much needs to stay, or the game would turn into a total and utter AoE cluster fudge.

    Moreover, lots of us get by without ever being close to weapons lock because we actually aren't all that bad at the game, many of us like the extra challenge factor that FF brings to the game.
  5. TyphusAlGhoul

    Wow, you guys are crazy... every single time that i was killed it's because some idiot didn't watch where they were going or where they were aiming. I NEVER EVER run in front of vehicles so this junk about being "more careful" doesn't hold any weight. Since you have ZERO peripheral vision while playing it's really hard to see where things are and even more so for people in vehicles.

    Should we have fun playing the game shooting the enemy or get constant grief over all the friendly killings? I vote for having fun so the friendly fire must be taken out... period! This is one of the few, if not the ONLY MMO that I've tried where you can kill your own faction. It stupid if you ask me. It's not enough for us to try and kill all the other factions, we have to keep track and worry about our own guys too since they can kill you just as easily as you enemies.

    Also, weapons lock doesn't prevent you from still running over a lot of people, it just prevents you from firing as far as i know?
  6. Aurcius

    I notice a lot of people on the same side like to shoot each other at the Warpgate, since I don't think FF is enabled in the warpgate, it's not too bad. Though I agree with the general argument that FF should be maintained, it IS very annoying to be deliberately TKed by some fool - I mean, just today, I went over to a phalanx tower near our warpgate to repair some turrets, and this guy - on my side - points his carbine in my face and kills me. -.-

    But generally, I stick to a bunch of rules (very similar to other people's comments above). Things like not standing on vehicle spawn points (or in front of them), and never standing directly behind (or infront of) tanks or vehilces, and being respectful of other people's firing positions during battles. Still doesn't prevent the occasional mishap, but that's unavoidable.
  7. Hoki

    I had an amazing run with close quarters infiltrator. Shot 2 down outside, ran inside, dropped nade, took some shield damage, blitzed down the stairs and insta-died to an allied bolt-action to the head at the bottom of the stairs.

    We would have taken the point if not for that bad luck. And thats the problem with FF it isn't skill its just luck for hectic recon play.
    People shoot at anything hunter-cloaked. I think i've died as often to FF while cloaked as I've died to enemies.

    See cloaked figure -> shoot
  8. Nemrodh

    Not only do i disagree. but they need to remove the Damage field in the spawn room.
  9. Mathematics

    Without FF, this game would devolve into a spamfest. You'd have everyone, in vehicles especially, just spamming entire bases with impunity. I wouldn't play this game if FF didn't exist.
  10. Adekan

    I agree. F2P + FF is a big no-no. I've been trying hard to enjoy this game but simply can't when 97-99% of the time I get shot in the head or grenaded by a teammate while trying to cap a point, with no enemies anywhere nearby. It's a terrible gameplay decision when you can't even trust your own team, and have to hide behind walls/in corners to avoid getting TK'd on a flag.

    To the people claiming " it's part of the experience ", yes that was the case with the original PS which (mostly) kept out the griefers/asshats thanks to having a subscription model. This game has no such wall to keep griefers away, it's simple to get banned for TKing people and then start another account with nothing lost because hey, you're only going to be shooting friendlies anyway.
  11. Juni

    I want sunderers to be immune to Friendly Fire, I am tired of people TKing my sunderer because they want xp.
  12. Mids

    Today I had a friendly use c4 to destroy my deployed sunderer only to replace it with his own.

    But I support friendly fire - people need to learn how to not charge in front of moving vehicles or people who are shooting.
  13. Sheena8500

    FF can be boring sometimes but it would be even more boring without it.
  14. lyravega

    how about you **** off and go back to cod or something, OP?
  15. Renthrak

    So you think it would be preferable for the enemy to be able to spam explosives on their own troops, killing only the enemy? Think before you post.
  16. irishroy

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  17. felfox

    FF needs to stay heh, the world doesn't need another dumbed down game where people just fall in line like robots and shoot at everything that moves without a brain cell going so much as fzzt. Complaining about peripherals is called pressing H and looking at your now bigger mini map for incoming blue blocks that want to run you over. If its a major firefight, too bad, tanks have right of way. I don't usually get run over but when I do it was my fault. (or the guy really was just being an *** on purpose)

    Since fighting and killing the enemy negates grief points, just show a little restraint and you'll become a better gamer by honing your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Abuse FF by running into a pack of enemies and watch as they kill each other trying to get you. This helps your team as well. without FF you'd just die and accomplish nothing and that big hard to get to wad of people would still be there and untouchable.

    It can be frustrating at times sure. I've been killed by friendly grenades just as I was about to get the perfect shot, I've had people leap in front of me as I pull the trigger, I've had people run towards me as Im gunning a lightning at full speed (yeah sorry... lightnings don't stop very fast)

    FF forces you to be aware, to raise your awareness and ultimately improves your gaming career. Sure it can suck, but this is an MMO, there's no bell ring to end the round, your perfect shot that you were lining up will come again. Just learn that certain things have right of way and others dont.

    If its a tank, get out of the way, if its a MAX? dont jump in front, I will not stop firing, I will try to aim around you but I'm not dying to an enemy just because you leaped ahead. Liberators bombing near you? well obviously if you're lone wolf infiltrating a pack of people, the lib is going to fire, if you're 10 friendlies chasing 1 person, the lib isnt going to risk firing. Close quarter zerging with grenades going both ways? Time your assault, this is all on you to jump into the mouth of hell. If you die, that was your fault for the risk.
  18. TheAirbornePosterior

    When in a vehicle, press T. That gives you a 3rd Person view.

    2nd bolded. Your vote counts as 1. Not some be all end all deciding factor of what is fun and what isn't. There is FF in this game. Its not going anywhere. Do not, for a single second, pretend your definition of what is "fun" is the only acceptable definition. FF in this game is there to condition players to moderate their explosive ordnance usage, so the game isn't just unabated explosions everywhere.
  19. failbot

    You can see your deaths and what faction caused them in the stats, so you don't have to estimate.
  20. soeguud

    Yay friendly fire.were it not for friendly fire I wouldn't get to watch vs idiots ram their esfs into each other in a bid to get at my Reaver

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