Serious Question: What ONE thing do Vanguards and Prowlers hate most about the Mag?

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  1. BlueyTheWolf

    Saron render abuse
    You cannot see whose shooting but saron will get you eventually
  2. GamerOS

    The ability to strafe combined with the stability of it guns allowing to accurately fire while moving.
  3. Dasmasterneko

    The only thing i dont like about magriders is that they can just escape whenever they want. There is no good excuse if you die to another tank in a magrider since you could have just boosted over a mountain and repaired.
  4. NC_agent00kevin

    But...that would require more skill right? You have to control the tank and the turret separately, steering the tank where you want to go while aiming the turret at the same time. Also, you are unable to see where you are steering while you are aiming your turret. Theres twice as much going on when driving a Vanguard or a Prowler as opposed to driving a Magrider. Not to mention the stability...our turrets are all over the place with the slightest change in elevation or bump while the Magrider is much more stable while in motion. You can also drive it up on a hill that the other MBTs cannot go, so we cannot circle you, only drive slowly back and forth. And that slow back and forth motion is largely countered by your ability to strafe.

    The ability to strafe and hover far outweigh the minor downside of not being able to turn the main gun. The Magrider is obviously the best tank in the game, and by far.
  5. Cougarbrit

    Ok you're changing where I'm aiming for this test, I'm not some aimbot that has the launcher pinned to the center mass of the tank, I actually aim and adjust for distance. Honestly I don't see why you're finding this hard to imagine.

    I fire a rocket, it arches under the Magrider, note I am not aiming at any specific part of the tank, there is no locational damage in this game and so I don't care if I clip it or punch it right in the kisser with the rocket as it'll make no difference. If this was any other tank the rocket would've at least clipped it in the front and given a nasty smack in the HP bar, but the magrider just rides the explosion like I just threw a water balloon at it's hover-feet and proceeds to mock me.
  6. Bambolero

    Strafing and it's not even close.
    Silly design for something called Main Battle Tank.
  7. LameFox

    I think I'm overcomplicating this or something... the point is that if your aim relative to the tank's hull means that the rocket falls short, dropping the tank on the floor would allow you to hit it only if your aim relative to the planet remained the same. Whether it's floating or not, your aim relative to the tank will need to be higher than it was when you missed. It's like if you aim a sniper rifle at a guy's head and the bullet drops and hits him in the chest, rather than running out there and sawing off his lower legs then aiming where his head used to be, it makes more sense to just... aim up more...

    Consider the following:

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  8. Cinc

    Really, its just the manuevorability.

    It out-performs either the special of speed or armour to the point where its not even funny.

    I feel like giving the prowler this almost god-mode with deploy is a good start, as it gives the prowler an ability that no other tank in this game can so much as COMPREHEND. However, you all apparently hate this new ability.

    My point is - the VS tank is the only one that really grabbed and comprehended its advantages, and its not letting go. Until the other sides get something similar, there will be no stopping your tank. And im sorry to say, but the other factions "similar" abilities will pretty much have to be a big f*ck you to there faction specials.

    No amount of armour will save you from these gliding gods

    No amount of speed can help you run

    A... super high velocity railgun sniper cannon of doom?

    OH **** YA!

    But again, none of you seem to like this one.

    I get the feeling i lost my point....

    Ok, to balance, just make every one as special as the mag. He can float? Well, your screwed at range. Keep this up, and while ForumSide2 will forever hate you, i think we'll all actully be happy (with the explosions, not you).